Sunday 30 November 2008

Phones And Shoes

This morning, just as daddy woke up, Toon knock the door and inform daddy that she forgot to take out the phone before washing! So daddy's phone was inside the spinning washing machine with water for 2 hours before Toon notice it was a phone at the bottom of the washing machine. The phone could not be turn on, but later it daddy could turn it on but the number pad were not functioning properly, numbers were not in the correct position. This is when daddy knew there must have been some problem with the phone and decided it was time to get a new phone.

Then daddy suggested to mommy that we should go the zoo first then to Low Yat and shop for a new phone since daddy wanted to get another phone for mommy which has 3G as well.

We arrived at the zoo around 1230hrs but could not get into the parking since it was full because of school holiday and it was Sunday as well, so daddy decided to drive to Low Yat instead since daddy and mommy was already hungry then. We arrived in Low Yat around 1330hrs which was also full of people, had our lunch and daddy started hunting for his new phone. Finally got 2 phones
1) Nokia 5320
2) Nokia 6600 (slide)

After daddy and mommy got their brand new phone, we then drove to Mid Valley instead since there was nothing here which interest me, phones, computer, PC and so on! I need toys..... so daddy drove to Mid Valley since it was on the way back home. Since it was sales period and daddy needed to get a new pair of shoe, daddy went to Camper to see if they were on sale and they were. Daddy got 2 pairs
1) Locus (Black Suede) more than 50% discount
2) Peu Cami (Black) 30% discount
and Mommy got a pair of Peu (30% discount).

Daddy wantes to get another pair but unfortunately there were no more size. Wonder why did they bring in Camper kids into Malaysia!

Lunch : Steam Egg with Rice plus Wonton @ Causeway Bay
Dinner : Clayport Seafood Toufu with Steam Rice @ C Jade Express

No photo were taken today

Today's Movie - Chocolate

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