Monday 1 December 2008

A Smilling Sky

This morning daddy got a new 3G sim card since the previous sim card was only a GPRS 128kb sim and good only for GPRS connections. With the new sim, daddy would be able to make video calls to mommy's phone for 'FREE' which is part of the family plan, 1 plus 3, which daddy subscribed to. Now daddy is also thinking of getting another 3G phone for the house mobile which grandpa and granny uses at home since any calls and SMS between the phones are free of charge.

In the afternoon, mommy manage to call granny in Hat Yai to ask about the flood situation since the flag indication has turned to red, flood imminent, hopefully the flood will reside since the rain stopped later in the evening.

Later in the evening when daddy got back, he realise that the sky had a natural 'smiley', a crescent with 2 planet (Venus and Jupiter). Daddy only realise when daddy was about to drive into the driveway. This phenomenon will not happen for another 28 years in year 2036. I got to see it but guess I will be too young to remember what I saw.

(photo courtesy from Sydney Morning Herald)

Lunch : Carrot and Reddish Soup with Steam Rice
Dinner : Fried Minced Pork and Cauliflower

Some photos taken today,

Two photos below are taken from mommy's new nokia phone camera.

Today's Movie -

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