Wednesday 31 December 2008

First Day on Road Trip - My First Beach Day

We left Hat Yai around 100ohrs after daddy got up and had our breakfast at home. It was a pleasant drive from Hat Yai to Phuket via Patthalung, Trang, Krabi, Phang-Nga before driving across the bridge into Phuket Island. Along the way, there were plenty of road blocks set up by local provincial police but we did not have any problem for any of it. We arrive at Hilton Arcadia Resort and Spa at Karon Beach just before 1700hrs after daddy took a wrong turn into the town.

We got a very good last minute deal since mommy's friend Tor works in this hotel and we got the family and friend price, a deluxe for 2400bt with a buffet dinner and 30mins spa for 2 person. After we checked-in into our room, daddy thought it would be a great idea to take me to the beach since I missed it when I was in Rio de Janeiro. Initially I was even afraid to step on the sand when mommy put me down, then daddy had to remove his shoe to show me that it was find to walk on it, even then it wasn't enough as mommy need to remove the shoe as well before I would walk on the sand.

Then it was taking me into the water, initially I was fine until I was hit by a strong wave then I started crying again, but it was alright after mommy came to rescue me!. After that I had no problem and even started playing with a cute looking boy.

After playing at the beach it was dinner time and we had it at the Sail Restaurant which wasn't very good. Daddy would only rate it 4/10 for the taste and 6/10 for the service, mommy could not even finish her favourite spagetti bolognaise. Tomorrow morning I will try the other restaurant for breakfast and see how 'bad' is it.

After dinner, we took a drive to Phuket, infamous beach, Patong, which is full of tourist and shopping stalls long the beach front road. We got back to the hotel around 2300hrs and I was totally exhausted. Tomorrow I will be meeting up with Aunty Yam for dinner in Talang

Lunch : Pork Ball Soup with Rice
Dinner : Buffet at The Sail

Some photos taken today

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