Friday 19 December 2008

Bleeding Knee

Grandpa and granny drove back from Ipoh today after staying there for 2 days.

In the evening, mommy thought of taking me out for a walk, since I never did like to hold on to anyone's hand, I fell down and did not know until I was playing the slide when mommy saw blood flowing down on my knee. Mommy then walk me back and clean the wound for me.

Mommy did not notice the cut when I fell and I did not even make any noise after I fell down, only until mommy notice the blood, I started saying "PAIN" and cried all the way home, only stopped brieftly when granny got home from office. I then refuses to eat my dinner, take my bath and even go downstairs. Daddy even tried to bluff and take me out shopping, but i refuse, saying NO. I just slept on the bed for an hour without moving a little bit at all.

I had my milk around 1900hrs and slept after that. Hopefully I will forget about my cut tomorrow. Definately no swimming for me tomorrow :(..

Lunch : Steam Pomfret with Brown Rice
Dinner : Refuse To Have My Dinner

No photo were taken today.

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Anonymous said...

hi baby, how are you now.. how is your knee... you must be extra careful when you walk yar. auntie worried about your knee is it heal now.. A very blessed christmas to you too. wanted to give you a gift but I always wonder how... God Bless