Wednesday 17 December 2008

Glass Scattered

I was with Toon in the hall when suddenly, I kicked the speaker when Toon was going to carry me up from the speaker, where I was seated. I kicked the speaker and it fell directly into the sliding glass door, and broke the bottom portion of it. Mommy called daddy immediately and told daddy what had just happen and daddy got back around 1600hrs and went straight to look for people to fix it up. The first shop that daddy went to was located along Jalan Mendaling, which charges RM150.00 for the glass and workmanship for installing it (forget about this shop since the 'old man' wasn't keen in the doing business), then second was under the Kajang-Sungei Chua railway crossing bridge, which which charges RM130.00, third was a glass shop located directly opposite BHP Petrol kiosk which could not determine the price until he see it (by the time this shop called daddy, the glass panel has been fixed), the forth is a shop without name along Jalan Wan Siew (Sungei Chua), which only charges RM100 for the glass and workmanship. As daddy was in the shop, grandpa called and told daddy that there is an extra sliding door kept at the backyard and the glass should fit the broken panel, which it did and the forth shop only charges Rm50.00 for removing the glass from the old sliding door and replacing it into the broken panel.

It took less than 45mins for them (2 person) to replace the broken glass panel. It was a nightmare fr daddy since he was unsure if he could find anyone to replace the glass today.

Lunch : Steam Egg with Brown Rice
Dinner : Fried French Bean and Egg with Brown Rice

No photo were taken today.

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