Sunday 14 December 2008

Swim and Shop

Finally today I manage to swim, but I got afraid of the water today. Wasn't very keen when I saw the water as daddy walk me to the edge of the pool since mommy went to collect the tower chit. I kept crying everytime mommy tried to let me float alone in the water. I might either be afraid of being drown or it could be cold since I went into the water just after a heavy downpour. Anyway we left after 30mins in the pool for Mid Valley.

I had Seafood Claypot at C Jade Express again, since daddy wanted something chinese today but do not order the roast pork ribs as daddy think it is overpriced for a small plate, mommy also ordered a plate of sweet and sour pork which was very tasty but no more than 10 pieces of pork on the plate, anyway the price was reasonable since it came with a huge bowl of soup and a rice.

After dinner daddy wanted to get a pair of rubber slippers/sandals or loafers, Yogui, by Keen. But after trying it on, it did not feel comfortable so instead mommy got a pair of shoe, Sienna MJ. Mommy says it felt so comfortable that she fell in love with it immediately after putting it on. Daddy think she shoe design is okay and not the wow factor since the rubber sole that protect the toe seems to be glued on but mommy very happy with it. Guess will just have to try a pair and see how long it will last.

Lunch : Steam Egg with Unpolished Steam Rice
Dinner : Claypot Seafood Toufu @ C Jade Express with home cook Unpolised Steam Rice

No photo were taken today

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