Monday 8 December 2008

Lake Of Walker

I woke up this morning and the first thing I told daddy was, "Papa, Shopping".

So after I had my afternoon nap, mommy changed me and told me wake daddy up for shopping. Since granny had gone out to office so only mommy and daddy went shopping with me. Since we have been going shopping on a weekly basis, daddy had no idea which mall to go anymore, so mommy suggested Mid Valley which we had been going almost every weekend. But this time it was totally different the carpark was almost full with cars parking at illegal bays, even daddy favourite parking area was full at B1. Anyway daddy could still parked at the second favourite spot at B2.

The mall was full of people, it was human traffic jam. So many people all over the place and we had to avoid so we do not knock onto the people coming toward us. Daddy wasn't keen in walking with such crowd so we stayed around Gardens instead since it has less crowd but still quite a lot compare to normal weekends.

For dinner we went to Flying Chillies since it has the lease people, as most of the other restaurant were quite full,

(clockwise Tub Tim Krob, Fried Rice with Crab, Chicken with Basil Leave, Sprout with Salted Fish)
Lunch : Steam Pomfret with Brown Rice
Dinner : Steam Egg with Brown Rice

Some photos taken today

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