Thursday 31 May 2007

Mommy Scared Daddy

In the afternoon when mommy called daddy saying that I have got rashes all over my body which is when daddy came back from work immediately only to find out that the rash was not as bad as how it was described by mommy.

Photos taken today,

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Wednesday 30 May 2007

No Photos Taken Today

Today marks the first day since I was born without a photo taken as daddy took the camera out for a function. Anyway, today it happens again in the evening when mommy thought of using the remainder Pampers. This time it just got worst when the stools even reach my head. Just cant wait till mommy throws the remainder diapers away. Read about pampers, click here.

Hope to get more photos tomorrow.

Tuesday 29 May 2007

Naughty Girl

Today I did not manage to go with daddy to Genting because I refuse to slept the whole night from midnight till around 5am. After that I just slept throughout the day only waking up for milk, even mommy tried in vain to wake me up by moving me around but no way. I think its going to be a tough night again since I slept most of the day today. Anyway hopefully daddy will be able to bring up to Genting very soon.

Some photos taken today.

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Monday 28 May 2007

My Playground

Mommy actually bought this supposingly exercising mat for me but only today daddy actually took it out for me to really sleep on it. But I was only excited for less than 5mins and my attention has somewhere else. Anyway I slepy most of the day today and I think its going to be a tough day for mommy and daddy tonight.

Tomorrow daddy is going to Genting for a job and not sure if he is going to bring me and mommy up to Genting. Wish I could go as well but I doubt it.

Photos taken today,

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Sunday 27 May 2007

My First Trip To One Utama

Today daddy took a longer drive and wanted to see if I can survive another 15mins of drive, just kidding. Actually daddy and mommy wanted to try taking me out for a longer period so this time we went t0 One Utama around noon and back just after 6pm. It was a shopping trip really as mommy got me a new dress from Baby Gap for Auntie Pei San's wedding next month, a diaper backpack and shirts (from Mom's Care) for me, Anakku Nappy Liner (get it from Jusco its the cheapest) and more shirts, sock from Soxworld.

Today Uncle Aot also took a bus back to Hat Yai to prepare for his university which will start sometime next week.

Not many photos was taken today as daddy forgot to bring along his camera.

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Saturday 26 May 2007

I Started Calling

It was a surprise today when I started saying a single word "Yah" with a very mischevious look on my face. Anyway today I was suppose to go out shopping but unfortunately it rained so mommy and daddy decided to stay at home instead. Below you can also see how I need to sleep now.

Some photos taken today.

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Friday 25 May 2007

A Funny Day

Today is a very funny day when I started passing gas at mommy while she was changing me. Do you think I can do this when I get older, no way right, so I better do all I want right now.

Last night I slept through the night only waking up at 3am and 6am for milk. Some photos taken today,

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Thursday 24 May 2007

Disposable Diapers

I have been using two different disposable nappies since the day I was born other than Pureen Dry 5 which was supplied to me when I was born in the hospital.

Today I am going to compare 2 diapers, which is Mamy Poko (Newborn) and Pampers (Comfort - size S).

The pro
Mamy Poko - well contain, no leakage especially after passing stools and comfortable strap on.
Pampers - affordable even when there are no promotions

The Con
Mamy Poko - Can be expensive
Pampers - leakage after major passing and the straps at the sides are quite hard and may cause discomfort.

The leakage on Pampers could be because of the holds at the back of the diapers unlike Mamy Poko which has a special compartment to contain the stools. Compare Pampers and Mamy Poko photo.

Below are pictures of both diapers,
(Left : Pampers / Right : Mamy Poko)

Daddy and Mommy will try Pureen Dry 5

Some photos taken today,

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