Friday 11 May 2007

A Day To A Month

Been a really naughty girl the whole afternoon today, refused to sleep and all I did was just cry and staying awake. Hope this will ease the burden for my mom and dad tonight, let them have a good night sleep since it was a crazy night this morning.

I will be a month old tomorrow, which is actually an important day for a chinese custom when the mom and baby is actually allowed of out the confinement room, really wonders how did the mothers then able to just stay put at one place and not go out, seems like a "1 month" house arrest. Anyway back to the Full Moon celebration in olden days china, it is a custom that Family and friends dine and celebrate all night. Money is given in bright red envelopes and the baby wears a silver or gold padlock around his neck locking the child to this world. But it will be different for me as I will not be hosting any dinner or celebration except delivering some red eggs to my uncles and aunties.

Lets see whats going to happen tomorrow on my month old birthday, (in chinese custom, baby's first birthday is celebrated on the 100day)

Not many photos were taken today since I refuse to sleep and stop crying, (presents from Auntie Renie, Uncle Martin, Samantha and Isabel)

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