Wednesday 16 May 2007

Old Wives Myth

There has always been myth in almost everything we did but myth about pregnancy really got my dad into it, below are some of the myth my dad got,

Heartburn Myth
- The baby should have a lot of hair

Umblical Cord Movement
- If the mother move her hand above the head, she might choke the baby

Curse Myth
- Someone denies pregnant woman food, they will get a sty in his or her eye.

Heart Rate Myth
- Fast heart beat - a girl/Slow heart beat - a boy (a medical research was done but wasn't significant enough to predict the sex of the baby)

Ugly Stick Myth
- Pregnant woman sees something ugly or horrible, they will have ugly baby

Java Myth
- Baby with birth mark (light brown in colour), means the mother had too much coffee during her pregnancy.

Cuisine Myth
- Spicy food could induce labor

Sex Myth
- Induce labor by having sex?

Face Myth
- Pregnant woman gain weight inface - a girl / pregnant woman gain weight in butt - a boy

Fullmoon Myth
- More women goes into labor during fullmoon

Pregnant Tummy Myth
- Rounded belly - a girl / sharp pointy - a boy

Do you believe the myth above, but one thing for sure daddy did not believe in any of it. Some photos taken today,

Click here for more photos.

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