Sunday 22 May 2011

Chiang Mai - Day 2

It was a long day. We went shopping at Baan Tawai for furniture since daddy wanted to get a solid hard wood dining table. But unfortunately we were unable to find any as daddy was looking for teak and the price was too expensive.

We bought some stool made from monkey wood, elephants, and other decorative product but not the dining table.

We thought of going somewhere else but by the time we finished shopping it was already 1800hrs. Later that night mommy and aunt Catherine took me for the Sunday Night Market, while daddy and uncle Vincent went to see some other hotels for the last night before we leave Chiang Mai.

Lunch : Did not really had lunch, just some biscuits.
Dinner : Pork Ball Noodle @ Baan Tawai

Some photos taken today

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Saturday 21 May 2011

In Chiang Mai - Day 1

Arrived in Chiang Mai today after a 2hours 20mins flight from Hat Yai.

Daddy rented a Mazda 3 and we got to our hotel Imm Hotel without any problem on Mommy's Garmin. After checking into the hotel, mommy took us to the Saturday Night Walking Street @ Wua Lai Road over a distance of 1km. We walked the whole road but we were unable to walk back to where the car was parked. We were actually told that the whole distance was about 3km - 5km, but when we checked on mommy's GPS, it was only 1km.

Tomorrow we will be going to see some furniture in the morning at Baan Tawai before going up to Doi Suthep to view Chiang Mai. We should be ending up walking at Chiang Mai famous night market!

Lunch : Spaggetti from AirAsia
Dinner : Pork Ball Noodle

No photos were taken today.

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Saturday 7 May 2011

In Memories Of Uncle Calvin

It has been a while since I last updated my site. Today is a very sad day as one of daddy's good friend just passed away, Uncle Calvin Hiew Yuen Yoon, aged 46. I actually travelled with him to South America when I was 1 years old, even though Uncle refused to carry me on the backpack, we had a great time together. Uncle Calvin Rest In Peace!

Some photos I took with Uncle Calvin during our trip to South America, 4 years ago.