Sunday 22 May 2011

Chiang Mai - Day 2

It was a long day. We went shopping at Baan Tawai for furniture since daddy wanted to get a solid hard wood dining table. But unfortunately we were unable to find any as daddy was looking for teak and the price was too expensive.

We bought some stool made from monkey wood, elephants, and other decorative product but not the dining table.

We thought of going somewhere else but by the time we finished shopping it was already 1800hrs. Later that night mommy and aunt Catherine took me for the Sunday Night Market, while daddy and uncle Vincent went to see some other hotels for the last night before we leave Chiang Mai.

Lunch : Did not really had lunch, just some biscuits.
Dinner : Pork Ball Noodle @ Baan Tawai

Some photos taken today

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