Sunday 20 November 2011

Discharged From Hospital

After spending almost 2 nights in the hospital I was finally discharge from the hospital just a while ago. It all started.....

On Friday (18 Nov 2011), it is also my last day of school and we were having our last day of school party but something unfortunate happened to me, a cupboard fell on my head (but was later told that I fell on the floor) and I injured my head! It was quite a big bump!. Initially teacher called mommy at 1030hrs when it just happen but we thought it was nothing serious until when mommy picked me up from school and only found out that it was quite serious. Immediately mommy called the clinic just outside out house to get a doctor's (Yek Child's Specialist) opinion. It was then the doctor told daddy and mommy that it is now only an external injury, no crack to the skull, which was a relief until the doctor said that there might be an internal injury which we do not know now since I did not have any of the symptoms which the doctor asked,
1) Fever
2) Dizzyness / Headache
3) Vomitting
4) Fits
5) Change in Behavior / Sleepiness

Then it all happen at 2000hrs, dinner time, I started vomiting out everything I had during lunch, then daddy called the clinic we went earlier to see what we should do, and we were told if this is just the first vomit, it could be due to something else and told daddy to rush me to the hospital if I vomit more than 3 times. Since I could not have any food, mommy gave me some milk but I threw up again, this is when daddy got worried and started calling Uncle Edmund and Uncle Aun, both doctors for advice and decided to take me to the hospital for a second opinion.

Just as we left home, I threw up again! just after 40mins interval and daddy decided to rush me to University Malaysia Medical Centre since Uncle Edmund mentioned that the hospital has a good neurological department if anything serious happened to me. We arrived at the hospital around 2230hrs and waited for around 30mins before it was my turn. Dr. Frienky attended to me and was told to do an x-ray. By the time I finished my x-ray, I threw up a total of 5 times already! This is when the doctor is not sure if I had any internal injury since if I had vomited six times, I would need to do a CT scan, which is not recommended for a child my age. So the doctor spoke to neurological department if it was fine for me to do a CT Scan, and it was initially agreed that I should do a scan but later a doctor from the neuro department told daddy and it was better to admit and put me on observation before committing to a CT scan.

By now I had threw up 6 times and we knew that any fluid or solid fed to me would be thrown out, doctor suggested to put me on drip (I calls it Vitamin Water). I was woken up from sleep and place a inserted a tube into my hand. This was the first time I cried since I came the hospital. I finally put to bed at around 0300hrs. Woke up the next day and everything seems alright, no vomiting, no dizziness, no headache, nothing and I was like my usual self. Daddy asked if I could be discharge but the nurse told daddy that I had to put up another night for observation.

So it was today that a doctor from the neuro department came and told mommy that I can be discharge since everything looks alright but mommy would still need to observe if any of the top symptoms appear over the next 7 days. Thank goodness nothing serious happen to me!

Lunch : Toufu Rice / Fish Ball and Beansprout at Jalan Gasing Ipoh Chicken Rice
Dinner :

Some photos taken today

Today's Movie - Gnomeo and Juliet

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