Saturday 31 January 2009

Uncle Vincent Is Here

Daddy got home late again last night and did not sleep much since Uncle Vincent arrived from Kuala Lumpur around 0900hrs. Daddy left home around 0730hrs, thinking that the bus would arrive early but instead stayed in the car waiting for the bus to arrive. I am sure daddy would have been happier sleeping at home!.

I stayed at home the whole day with daddy until dinner since daddy was waiting for Uncle Vincent call, because Uncle Vincent did not call until 2000hrs, we went to Swensen's at Lee Garden for ice-cream first before going to food court along Suppasanrangsan for dinner.

After dinner we walk to the night market further down the road. Mommy got me a pink "Hello Kitty" balloon.

Lunch : Steam Egg with White Rice
Dinner : Fried Chicken with Fried Rice at Food Court along Suppasanrangsan Road

Some photos taken today
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Friday 30 January 2009

Friday Friday!

It was a slow Friday since daddy got home very late last night, but I still woke daddy up early in the morning but daddy slept again until around 1230hrs, while I was running around the house and found the rice container! and started to throw the rice on the floor! Just as daddy woke up, mommy went out to get me and daddy's favourite roasted pork rice.

In the afternoon we drove around Hat Yai to check the exchange rate since the rate seems bad at the border but it wasn't any much better as well. Daddy suggested to mommy to check the rate again tomorrow since we will be here until Tuesday.

For dinner we went to MK at Carrefour for dinner. My first taste of mommy's favourite restaurant.

Lunch : Roasted Pork with White Rice
Dinner : Steam Boat in MK @ Carrefour

Some photos taken today
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Thursday 29 January 2009

First Car Into Thailand!

We were the first car which cross into Thailand for today! We left great granny house in Ipoh at 0145hrs from Ipoh house and arrived at the border just before 0500hrs. We waited for about an hour before the border was officially opened. By the time the border was open we were the 4 car passing the Malaysian CIQ Complex and since the 3 cars in front of us, stopped at the duty free, were were the first car at the Thai CIQ.

We arrived in Hat Yai at 0600hrs (local Thai time which is 1 hour behind MST) and went directly to the market to buy Kao Khrok Kapi (ข้าวครกกะปิ) before daddy met up with Uncle Jammie which was suppose to leave at 0900hrs, but instead Uncle Jammie called daddy to get rooms for another night since they were going to stay another night. Daddy took Uncle Jammie to Wattana Mansion, next to Wat Cheer Chang along Suppasanrangsan Road, before we went for lunch at an Isaan restaurant.

Later in the night, me, daddy and mommy drove to pick up Granny from her office since Uncle Aot was not around. We drove over to Greenway, a second hand market, since daddy thought of selling off some old stuff there, but instead, we spend more time and money shopping. There is also quite a good variety of good available here but the are not too taste. There is a shop selling roti with chicken curry with sate sauce.

Not sure what is the planned yet tomorrow as daddy will not be back early tonight.

Lunch : Steam Egg with White Rice
Dinner : Fried Chicken

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Wednesday 28 January 2009

3rd Day In Ipoh

We left home around 1145hrs for Ipoh after daddy looking for this pocket pc for more than an hour and still could not find it. We arrived in Ipoh just after 1400hrs, and picked up Grandpa, Granny and Sei Sook Gong for curry mee, but when we got there, the guys there told daddy that we need to wait for at least an hour before they could serve us! No way daddy is going to wait for a plate of curry mee. Daddy opt for another curry mee at Ipoh Garden instead which was really bad compared to other times.

Later in the afternoon, daddy drove me and mommy to visit Uncle Calvin since he was still in Ipoh at Wooley Food Court before we left for dinner later at night with Grandpa, Granny and Grand Uncle Kirby at Han City Restaurant. If you are looking for a restaurant to have your reunion dinner, try Han City, pretty good service and reasonable price. Very bad experience with Tai Thong Restaurant at Heritage Hotel.

We will be leaving for Thailand later in the morning. Just hope that it will not get too hot tonight.

Lunch : Steam Egg with Brown Rice
Dinner : Stir Fried Toufu with Steam White Rice @ Han City Restaurant

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Tuesday 27 January 2009

Ang Pow! Ang Pow!

Wow...!! I got even more Hong Pow today after visiting more uncle and aunty. At noon, daddy and mommy drove me to 2020 food court at Sungei Chua, since more of the shops were closed today but daddy got a shock when 2 glasses of Chinese Tea Ice cost RM1.20 which would normally cost RM0.80! Why should there be an increase just because of Chinese New Year! The restaurant, JJ Bak Kut Teh, we had our dinner last night did not seem to have any surcharge since daddy thought they would (3 dishes for RM20.40 plus rice and tea). Daddy is very dissapointed with the food court today! and vows not to return to have drinks there!

After lunch, my first stop was to visit Tai Kau Gong at the petrol kiosk, it was a short visit since we had to visit other the other Kau Gongs as well! Then mommy thought of visiting Sei Kau Gong first but unfortunately they were not around so we visit Yee Kau Gong and cousin Ashley instead. I met Uncle Chee Keong with Aunty Karen and my cousin, Bruce and Harriette. They arrived much earlier than us and left not long after that. We stayed in Sei Kau Gong's house until almost 1700hrs since Uncle Chee Keong told daddy that his daddy would be back home around 1700hrs.

Before we went to Sei Kau Gong house, daddy drove me home since mommy wanted to feed me first as we might not be back until after dinner and it would be better to feed me before we continue. Did not stay long in Sei Kau Gong place since my diaper was starting to leak but I had a great time playing with Aunty Wei Ting friends!

Daddy then drove me back home again to change the diaper before our last stop for the day, cousin Kitt or Sam Kau Gong house. When we arrived in Kitt house, it was actually almost time for dinner, so Sam Kau Gong invited us to join them for dinner at Ming Kee Coffee Shop with Tai Kau Gong, which was excellent as I got to meet all my cousin there later with a short lion dance presentation next door as well!

It was definately a great day today, with a lot more Hong Pow! I will be leaving for Ipoh to visit Great Granny before leaving for Hat Yai later in the night as daddy want to arrive at the border just before 0600hrs.

Lunch : Steam Pomfret with White Rice
Dinner : Steam Vegetable and Eggs with White Rice

Some photos taken today,

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Monday 26 January 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

It's my second New Year! and I starting to collect the red packet myself. The first red packet, I collected was from Grandpa and Granny in the morning when I woke up since daddy and mommy did not get ready any for me even until late at night. Guess, my money will go straight to my bank instead.

After Granny and Grandpa left for Ipoh, Daddy drove me and mommy to visit Tai Ku Poh which is a yearly appointment for our family. I got even more red packets there since most of my aunties and uncles were there. I was got freak out with the talking fish in the hall!

After leaving Tai Ku Poh house, daddy drove mommy to Mid Valley to buy some stuff for my second visiting session, tomorrow!. I was already so tired by then which I fell asleep immediately when I got into the car while daddy was driving home.

Later in the night, daddy took me to visit Uncle Khee Wai's new born baby, Callen, if I got the spelling correct!

Lunch : Steam Pomfret with White Rice
Dinner : Bak Kut Teh, Taufu with Minced Pork with White Rice

Some photos taken today

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Sunday 25 January 2009

One More Day for Ang Pow

It's Chinese New Year Eve's and just one day away to collect my red packets. My fever is gone but I got cough now. Hope it won't get worst.

Tonight we went for a Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner at Hee Lai Ton, near home since daddy thought it would be more fun having a dinner in a proper restaurant rather then a coffee shop. The dinner was alright since we did not have any choice as they were serving set dinner only which I had my share of
1) Yee Sang (Raw Fish Salad)
2) Shark Fin Soup with Crab Meat (Mommy's Favourite) - daddy doesn't eat it and click here for shark fin hunting or you can watch the video below.
3) Prawns
4) Steam Fish (Seabass)
5) Mushrooms
6) Glutinous Rice

Tomorrow Grandpa and Granny will be driving to Ipoh to meet up with Great Granny since she is not feeling too well. We will be joining them on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year. I will be going to visit Tai Ku Poh tomorrow and we should be meeting up with Auntie Cyn Cyn as well if she is not working.

Lunch : Steam Pomfret with Brown Rice
Dinner : New Year Eve Dinner @ Hee Lai Ton

Some photos taken today

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Friday 23 January 2009

Missing Something

It's been a while since I posted anything on my side. I have been down with fever for 3 days now, started of with a mild fever on Wednesday and got really bad yesterday. Daddy drove me to see Dr. Khoo yesterday evening and the digital thermometer reads at 39.4d/C, which got the doctor by surprise as well. Daddy was concern if I might have contacted Dengue Fever since there has been a few cases in Kajang, as Dr. Khoo also mention that he had 2 positive babies with dengue.

Symptom for dengue,
1) Flactuate Fever
2) Loss of Appetite
3) Weak
4) Rash on chest and arms

So far doctor could not be certain if I have contacted dengue since there are no rash on my arms or chest but will have to wait till tomorrow to observe my fever since it would normally take 4 days from the first day the fever starts to do a dengue fever test.

I was given a medicine to be inserted into my buttock, this will only my fever was above 39.0d/C, guess this help me to reduce my fever and later in the evening, I seem to be fully recovered, started running around and full of energy.

When I woke up this morning, I had a mild fever so mommy gave me a 5ml of paracetamol just in case. I was much more active today when I woke up compared to yesterday.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and I hope this year I won't be shy collecting the red packets.

Lunch :
Dinner :

Some photos taken over the past few days.

(taken on Jan 10th, 2009 at Yee Ku Poh's Birthday)

(taken on Jan 11th, 2009)

(taken on Jan 19th, 2009 trying to ride the tri-cycle)

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Sunday 4 January 2009

In A Day

After a long trip, daddy was so tired that he refuses to go anywhere except taking money to get the hair done at UpperCut, which took more than 4hours. Daddy took mommy out after I was in my afternoon nap and I had to wait for mommy at the saloon for another 3 hours before she was finally finished. Uncle Peh came to meet me at the saloon since it has been almost a year since he last saw me.

Around 1700hrs daddy drove me with Uncle Aot to pick up granny from her factory since granny eyesight is getting bad. We will be driving back to Malaysia tomorrow, stopping over in Sadao since daddy need to pick something from a shop. Hopefully the border crossing tomorrow will be quiet and hassle free.

Lunch : Dry Pork Noodle @ Yen Tar Four
Dinner : EzyGo Terriyaki Chicken Rice from 7-Eleven

No photos taken today.

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Saturday 3 January 2009

Fifth Day On Road - Back To Hat Yai

Daddy drove back to Hat Yai instead of staying for another night in either Chumphon or Trang since mommy wanted to go back to Hat Yai instead. Daddy wanted to start our journey at 1100hrs but instead we left Ranong only at around 1500hrs after visiting the grass hill (ภูเขาหญ้าหรือเขาหัวล้าน), located about 10km south of Ranong. Not an impressive place to visit though since it full of rubbish and dirt tracks. Would not suggest anyone to visit unless you are already in Ranong. If you are heading towards the grasshill, there is a temple in the village next to it, don't bother going up the stairs to the top of the hill.

Daddy took the Ranong to Lang Suan and turn right into Highway 41 towards Surat Thani and onwards to Hat Yai passing Nakhon Si Thammarat and Phatthalung province which took 6 hours and about 500km. The road from Ranong to Lang Suan was about 100km passing some villages and windy roads but with low traffic.

Lookout for Salted Egg (Chaiya District) and Rambutans at Surat Thani Province and Bananas at Lang Suan.

Lunch : Pork Ball Noodle at Ranong Town Market
Dinner : Pork Boil Rice at Phatthalung

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Friday 2 January 2009

Fourth Day on Road Trip - Victoria Point

Finally I made it to Victoria Point (or known as Kawthaung), is in the southernmost part of Myanmar, located in Tanintharyi Division, without any problem. We went to Sapanpla Pier in the morning trying to without know much how to get to Victoria Point but we made it. It was easy except for the boat ride which was quite dangerous. If you are going to drive there, and cannot find a parking at PTT petrol station, try parking just before the petrol station next to the photo shop (but please ask permission before parking, the land owner is situated at the back of the photo shop).

The procedure for getting to Victoria Point,
For Foreigner (15 days)
1) Get a photocopy of your passport and a crisp USD10.00 / THB500 note ready for the Burmese Immigration
2) There is a One Stop Centra at Sapanpla Pier where you can get a departure stamp on the passport.
3) Board a long tail boat for 50bt (but try to get it for 40bt if you like to bargain) - boat ride is about 30 - 40mins
4) Arriving at Victoria Point, walk to the immigration office located at the pier (on the left side as you are walking out in the town)
5) Give the officer the money and you are will get a arrival and departure stamp at the same time.

For Thai (7 days)
1) Take a photo (THB40 for 3 photos) for the temporary border pass
2) Walk to Sapanpla Pier and request for a temporary border pass at the office on your left (THB30 for the pass)
3) Board a long tail boat for 50bt (but try to get it for 40bt if you like to bargain) - boat ride is about 30 - 40mins
4) Arriving at Victoria Point, walk to the immigration office located at the pier (on the left side as you are walking out in the town)5) Give the officer THB30 and you are will get a arrival and departure stamp at the same time.

Another option would be taking a ferry to Andaman Club.
Foreigner - THB800 (immigration process applies)
Thai - THB250

There isn't much to offer in this sleepy town unless you are here for a Thailand visa extension. There is a goods market on the right of the pier, some restaurant on the left of the pier, a golden burmese stupa on the hill on the right, a park located on the left of the pier, and some souvenir shops on the west of the pier, westward after the market or bazaar. This town has a large population of muslim as well, which could speak malay too, mainly the older generation.

When you arrive, there will be som touts trying to show you around the place but you can politely refuse since the place is not huge to walk around but I would say it is completely safe though, by the look of it. Anyway I did walk through some of the off beaten path going up the pagoda and walking down to the pier. It would really help if you can speak a little thai or malay. We left the town on another boat ride at around 1630hrs back to Sapanpla pier.

Later for dinner, daddy drove to Kaeng Ley Seafood Restaurant for dinner. If you get a map from Tinidee Hotel, the location of the restaurant is totally wrong. Direction to both Pak Nam and Kaeng Ley restaurants are,
1) Head toward Ranong Government Cemetery
2) Turn Right at the junction heading to Ranong Customs / Andaman Club
3) Drive about 2km from Andaman Club and the first restaurant will be Pak Nam, Kaeng Ley is located about 800m after Pak Nam.

The food quality is okay but the price isn't chea but reasonable. Daddy favourite would be the Steam Prawn with Salt and Yam Sam Krob.

Lunch : Terriyaki Chicken from 7-Eleven
Dinner : Pork Ball with Toufu Soup

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