Wednesday 9 January 2008

Wholesale Shopping

Mommy today took me to Platinum Shopping Mall since daddy had a meeting with Red Beat. We left the hotel at 1330hrs since daddy's meeting in Red Beat is scheduled at 1430hrs. Well daddy had a long meeting but I did not manage to walk much since I cried and making a lot of noise since I arrived in Platinum. If you are looking for cheap and trendy cloths, this is one place you should come since it has all the amenities like a shopping mall. Mommy got me many cloths as well and some for Ser Kai, Kit, Bruce and Harriette.

After that, we walked over to Central World which is supposedly a newly renovated shopping centre but there wasn't much people in here. Seems like not many people likes it here. Mommy actually suggested to have BBQ Plaza for dinner but when we got there, does not look very appetizing, instead we had dinner in Pepper Lunch which is not very tasty and not worth the money at all. Mommy also met up with her old classmate, Uncle Peh, from Hat Yai. Uncle Peh is currently a journalist for this magazine writing interesting places inside Thailand.

Some photos taken today

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