Thursday 10 January 2008

Old Bangkok

Since granny thought of buying some fish maw, the best place to get would be Yaowarat (Bangkok's Chinatown) market area. We left the hotel earlier today as daddy wanted to bring granny and grandpa to more place to see. Mommy also wanted to buy some accessories from Soi Sampeng as well which is just next to Yaowarat, or actually connected.

After walking around the market, granny manage to buy 500gm of fish maw in a stall along the market lane since it would definitely more expensive on the main road. Then mommy walk across the road to Soi Sampeng which sells all the accessories for girls. Mommy got me some hair pins which sold which is half the price in a normal shop. But the only setback is the streets in this area are very narrow with 2-strokes motorcycle riding in it. Not sure it was a good idea to bring me here.

After that we took a tuk -tuk to Saphen Lek to get mommy's thai movies then only daddy found out that this is the main computer games centre in Bangkok. There hundreds of stalls just selling X'box, PS, PSP, Wii, games, repair shop, hobby shop and many more competing among each other. This is definitely a place for daddy to visit again in his next trip to Bangkok.

We then thought of going back to the hotel and have a rest before Auntie Anne picking us up for dinner. But instead, the took the taxi to Auntie Anne condo because the road would be very jam to drive back to the hotel. Auntie Anne took us to a very nice seafood restaurant located Bangramad called Kungten. They even have karaoke rooms if you love singing. I am sure this would be in daddy itinenary the next time he is in Bangkok.

After dinner Auntie Anne drove us to Suan Lum market since we did not have a chance to visit Jatujak (Chatuchak or JJ) weekend market.

Some photos taken today

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