Wednesday 16 January 2008

Neighbour Was Broken In

It was a sad day as our neighbour house was broken in. Grandpa thought it would have been great since the community installed a gate at the back lane and we have not heard of any break-in for some months now.

Mommy suspects the burglar broke-in about 1400hrs since she saw 2 malay/indonesian man walking outside our house a couple of time. Even our neighbour, Auntie Jin, on the other side also notice the weird behavior of these 2 men around the same time. But only around 1700hrs when granny was outside doing gardening over heard our neighbour talking on the mobile saying that the house has been broken into. They broke into the house in the broad daylight and through the front door!

I also started drinking Similac today and it seem like I enjoy it much better than S-26. Mommy says it taste a milky than S-26 but I am not sure if it will help me to increase my milk since doctor says my growth is alright there is no need to change milk powder.

Some photos taken today

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