Monday 7 January 2008

Back To Bangkok

We left quite early today as daddy wanted to bring me, granny and grandpa to visit Chok Chai farm and Ayuthaya before heading back into Bangkok. But unfortunately we only manage to visit Chok Chai farm and Outlet Mall in Khao Yai.

As we were heading to Chok Chai farm, daddy saw a huge Outlet Mall just along the highway at Khao Yai. The brand available here is definitely much better than KL Queens Park. Some of the outlets available are, Clarks, Esprit, Lacoste, Naf Naf, Quiksilver and many shops selling export quality brand such as Zara, Mossimo and others. This place is definitely worth stopping by if are travelling from Isaan to Bangkok or the other direction.

Daddy is very disappointed with the steak serves in the restaurant located just in Chok Chai farm. It was an impressive restaurant to look at but the steak were served in hot plate. Daddy ordered a steak which is medium cook but by the time it arrived it was already almost well done, tough and dry. This will be the first and last time daddy will try the steak in this restaurant but daddy is convince to come back again to the farm and do a scheduled tour around the farm.

We arrive at Somerset Lake Point at 1800hrs after we were stuck in a very bad traffic jam since the driver took the wrong turn. Later in the night, Auntie Yam came over to pick us up to visit Auntie Tar new baby girl, Caotang, only 7 days old today.

Some photos taken today

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