Wednesday 2 January 2008

A Day Trip to Burmese Border

Since daddy's first trip to Chedi Sam Ong (Three Pagoda Pass), he has always dream in owning a small piece of farm land and hopefully turn it into a guesthouse when the border actually opens up. So this time daddy took all of us to the border and see if there are any land available. The trip took almost 4hrs from Kanchanaburi with a few stops along the way. We arrived in Chedi Sam Ong at 1130hrs just in time for lunch. After that Great Uncle Lim took us Burma border town, Payathonzu, and show grandpa how the border look like.

After we walked around, we drove out to check out the land and unfortunately there isn't any more land available next to the main road except for a piece of land which is 12rai but cost 1million baht since it was planted with teak wood trees. It's way to expensive since the lands title isn't very legal because of the proximity to the border.

So we drove to Sangkhlaburi to visit Great Auntie before visiting a revered temple and the longest wooden bridge in thailand, the Mon bridge. On the way back daddy this time insisted to have dinner in his favourite restaurant, Chokardon

Some photos taken today

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