Saturday 5 January 2008

My Ride To Isaan

It was a crazy day since daddy wrongly calculated the time taken from Sukhothai to Nong Khai via Phitsanulok, Dan Sai and Si Chiangmai. We left at 0700hrs this morning and only manage to arrive in Udon Thani at 2000hrs, a 3 hours journey altogether. We first stopped for breakfast and visit Wat Yai (or also known as Mahathat) in Phitsanulok, then we continue our journey before stopping in Dan Sai Laotian temple, which was supposedly erected by King Naresuan but daddy is very disappointed with Chateau de Loei since he purposely took this route here to see how impressive this winery is. But it turn out not what daddy thought but worst, as a winery, they do not have a single drop of wine to taste, and the girl could not speak much english either. Then daddy thought maybe the shop located at the main road might be better but no, it was worst, the restaurant looks more like a run down coffee house and they will only accept credit for purchases above 1000bt. Daddy is terribly disappointed with this place and he would never suggest anyone to make a pit stop here unless it is a toilet break if not don't bother.

After that we drove to Udon Thani instead of Nang Khai as it was already 1900hrs when we arrive in this city. We manage to find a good and reasonable hotel, Udon Resort which is located about 3km on the main road to Nong Khai. It will be another long day tomorrow when daddy is going to takes us to Vientiane, Laos.

Some photos taken today

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