Saturday 26 January 2008

Bad Day

This is a very bad day as daddy's office got broken with 2 sets of computer gone. It started early in the morning when Auntie Emily tried calling daddy but since he was sleeping with me did normally leave the phone on silent so it will not wake me up from early morning calls. Then Auntie Emily called Grandpa's mobile to inform daddy that the office got broken-in.

n the night after we came back from shopping in Pavilion, daddy and mommy was curious why are there so many cars parked outside the house, and daddy thought someone must be having a party, but it turn out that our neighbour, Auntie Lim, feel in the bathroom, knock her head and died. It was realy a shock to daddy as he met Auntie Lim in the morning as he was leaving to check the office.

Some photos taken today

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