Tuesday 22 January 2008


Daddy and Mommy got so crazy when they stayed up all night watching this TV drama. They finished at around 0500hrs when I actually woke up for milk, must be the noise from the TV which woke me up.

Granny and Grandpa left home around 0930hrs for Penang but they did not arrive in Penang until around 1530hrs because of some road diversion around the turf club for the hindu festival, "Thaipusam" tomorrow. Federal Territory (Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya an Labuan Island) has also been declared public holiday so daddy will not have to work tomorrow. Hurray, another day of shopping.

In the evening, mommy and Toon took me out for an evening stroll and stop by at Great Auntie Putih house. They have got a new maid from Cambodia. It was her first day at work but mommy was surprise that she speaks a little chinese and english as well.

Mommy is getting lazy, no photo was taken today.

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