Friday 4 January 2008

A Day At Sukhothai Ruins

It has always been daddy plan to bring granny and grandpa to visit this beautiful early kingdom of Sukhothai. Daddy woke up fairly early in the morning to check who is Pailyn Hotel which is located only 4km away from the ruins but this hotel isn't that good for the price. The price daddy got when we got there is 1600bt per room but when mommy asked it was only 1100bt per room, a wide different so decided to check out those guesthouses which was full yesterday. The first guesthouse he got to was MG Guesthouse and incredibly they have enough rooms which was clean, new and reasonable.

After that we started our one day tour around the ruins of the old kingdom which territory stretches until the malay peninsula, now Malaysia (where I am from).

Some photos taken today

Sukhothai Park

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