Wednesday 23 January 2008

Happy Thaipusam "தைப்பூசம்"

"Vel Vel"

It's another public holiday today but previously today was only observed by a few states but a couple of days ago, it was announced that the federal territory will be observing this festival and thaipusam is not a public holiday in the federal territory.

Since it is a public holiday, daddy drove us, me and Toon out to The Gardens at Mid Valley as we wanted to change the Australia guide he bought in Borders. So we only arrived around 1600hrs which initally mommy wanted to leave much earlier. This time we manage to cover almost all the shops in The Gardens and also tried Gurney Drive at The Gardens as well. Daddy had his Char Koay Teow which is nothing to shout about if you really compare with those in Penang, mommy and toon had Assam Laksa which is slightly better than the Char Koay Teow which daddy ordered. The cendol did not taste any better as well. Overall daddy wasn't happy with the food quality.

Mommy also got me a new learning toy from ELC by Leapfrog. Daddy found it much better than the learning phone from Fisher Price. It cost a bit more but I enjoyed this discovery ball much better than the learning phone.

No photo was taken today as daddy left the camera at home again.

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