Friday 11 January 2008

Last Day in Thailand

Today I will be leaving this incredible city and flying back home with Air Asia. Our flight back was scheduled at 1700hrs and daddy thought to go back to Saphan Lek (Iron Bridge) to get a PSP since the price listed was so much cheaper than in Kuala Lumpur. So he took a taxi himself trying to bargain for a good deal but ended up no buying it because the price displayed was actually for a second hand unit and the price for a new unit was actually about the same or slightly more expensive than in Kuala Lumpur. Daddy then took a taxi back to the hotel since mommy and I was in the hotel waiting for daddy.

The taxi to the airport came to pick us up at 1430hrs as daddy was afraid of the traffic jam as well as the long queue at the immigration counter in the airport but it turn out the traffic was good and there wasn't many people in the immigration counters as well. The plane departed on time and we arrive back in KLIA at 2015hrs.

This has been an interesting trip to Thailand this time. I covered many places and experience the different in this kingdom. Driving from highway to dirt road, cold to hot weather, highland and lowland, windy to straight roads and many more.

Below is the map of the places I have gone in this trip,

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No photos were taken today.

Today's Movie - Bedside Detective (สายลับจับบ้านเล็ก - Sailap Jap Baan Lek)

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