Tuesday 29 January 2008

Crawl Crawl

Grandpa and granny was suppose to come home today but they thought of staying another day in Penang, so they will be driving back tomorrow morning.

Mommy now tries to make me crawl a little more as I am suppose to be crawling much more than what I am doing now and actively climbing stairs as well now. So mommy lay a piece of rug on the floor to let me crawl on. But I am too lazy to crawl as I kept stopping and put my hands up as a sign to be carried.

Daddy got back around dinner time and we went out to Tesco to get grocery. Been quite some time since my last my visit here.

No photos were taken today as mommy slept very late last night watching drama and waiting for daddy as well.

Today's Movie - Aum Rak (อุ้มรัก)

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