Sunday 20 January 2008

Shopping In The Gardens

Daddy and mommy took me out for shopping today in The Gardens. This is our first time walking around The Gardens since they opened a couple of months back. Well today, mommy got a few things for me, first mommy got a new milk bag for me from LeSportSac in Isetan, since they were having a member's sales and mommy got 40% off for the new bag, a deluxe everyday bag. Then after that mommy also got me a new shoe from Mark and Spencer as they were having sales there as well but not for my shoe. You can see me walking with my new shoe after dinner.

Daddy was suppose to meet up with Auntie Mona to pass her Vietnam guidebook but they did not manage to meet because she went to get her camera fix. Because I dropped my pacifier earlier, mommy had to get a new pacifier for me since I only left with one.

Well daddy also got a new guidebook on Australia since we are planning to visit Uncle David in winter for skiing. Hopefully Uncle Charles would be able to make it as well.

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - Rampitsawad

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