Sunday 27 September 2009

A Science Day!

I had an awesome afternoon today, when daddy decided to take me to Petrosains - The Discovery Centre at Suria KLCC. We arrived around 1400hrs after having lunch just outside the house, and was caught in a traffic at the Sungei Besi toll plaza for a while since it was raining, but the traffic to KLCC was smooth after the toll.

We went straight up to the 4th floor since daddy remembered that the Petrosains closes quite early even on weekends or public holiday! Since I was below the age of 4, I could enter both centre, the Petrosains and Petrosains Dinotrek, for free. We were first directed to the Dinotrek since daddy wanted to show me the dinosaurs as I was afraid to get close to the tyrannosaurus head at the entrance to petrosains, as daddy thought I had to be carried all the way until there was group of girls excavating a toy pit, I started playing with them and I wasn't afraid of the dinosaurs exhibits anymore. The featured dinosaurs are Protoceratops, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex and daddy's favourite Velociraptor. Some of the exciting activities are, Dino Dig, Meat and Veggie and Dino Dance.

After Dinotrek, we walked over to take the Dark Ride into the main exhibition hall, through Petrojaya, Geotime Diorama, Sparkz, Speed, Heli Ride to The Oil Platform, Exploration and Speed. It took me almost 2 hours to experience some of the most exciting science invention and experiment which I still do not understand! For me the most exciting would be the ride on the helicopter simulator to the oil platform which is "quite" similar to my first helicopter ride at Rio de Janeiro. Unfortunately we do not have our camera with us, but daddy will surely take me here again soon with both a camera and video camera, since there is a family package which cost RM100 only a year for unlimited entries.

Lunch : Wan Ton Noodle
Dinner : Chicken Teppanyaki and Fish Porridge

Some photos taken today

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Monday 21 September 2009

Granny Birthday

Its Granny's birthday today and it is also the second day of Raya. Yesterday daddy actually wanted to drive up north to Ipoh to visit great granny but because we woke up late, we went out furniture shopping instead.

We woke up today and daddy actually planned to visit Uncle Rosmin's house in Bangi around noon since it has been a while since daddy had any good home cook rendang. But Uncle Rosmin only replied and told daddy to visit him after 1600hrs since he was still in KL then. Since we are only leaving for granny's brithday in the evening, daddy drove me and granny out to see a new housing developement, Riverview Villas Sg Chua, located along the road leading to Bangi. We actually went to see this property a few days ago with mommy and daddy since we wanted to see the interior decoration and to daddy's surprise this property is priced at min RM599,800! Wonder if they the developer actually did a survey of other projects such as Twin Palms (min RM595,000) in Sungei Long!

So in the afternoon after daddy showed granny the property, we drove to Sungei Long with Aunty Liu Yun area to see other properties, such as Capa Residency(min RM688,800), Palm Walk Areca (min RM338,800) and Cheras Vista (min RM415,800). We got home around 1600hrs and mommy tried to make me sleep before going out for dinner, while daddy left to meet Uncle Rosmin at Bangi.

Daddy came back home around 1830hrs to pick us up for dinner, granny suggested Hee Lai Ton at Seri Kembangan but when we got there, the restaurant was closed for a wedding dinner, so we left and grandpa suggested Korean food instead, so daddy drove to Ampang, Dae Jang Gum, the better Korean BBQ of the lots. After dinner daddy drove to Leisure Mall to get granny a Blueberry Cheesecake from Secret Recipe.

Below is a video taken of me singing Happy Birthday to granny.

Lunch : Fish Ball Meehoon
Dinner : Prawn with Steam Broccoli

No photo were taken today.

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Wednesday 16 September 2009

Refuses Afternoon Nap

Today I refuses to have my usual afternoon nap. Mommy brought me upstairs to sleep but instead, I turn around and started disturbing mommy. Then mommy thought turning of the TV would make me sleep which didn't work as well. I stayed around until 1700hrs when mommy took me downstairs.

During dinner, after the third spoon, I started to show that I am falling asleep which then mommy actually woke me up a few times to finish my dinner. Around 2100hrs I slept by myself without much problem!

Daddy front teeth got chipped and would need to go to Hat Yai to get it fix. Guess would need to make a trip back to Hat Yai either before we move in or just after.

Lunch : Steam Promfret and Soup with White Rice
Dinner : Fried Prawn and Broccoli with White Rice

No photo were taken today and will not be taking any photos the next few days as Uncle Edmund borrowed it to try since he was going to London.

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Tuesday 15 September 2009

Down On Ground!

I fell down today while playing outside at home and I start faking the pain I am enduring! Mommy immediately took me upstairs to clean the wound and dress it up nicely. Then daddy got back not long after that, immediately I started crying when daddy started walking into the house. Daddy did not know what actually happen when I started crying until mommy told daddy that I fell and injured my knee! Daddy then carried me and put me at the sofa and watch cartoon, I refused to move a single inch until mommy ask daddy to go to Tesco to get some vegs for me. I put on my shoe and limp my way across the road into the car! What an actress.

When we got to Tesco, we had dinner at Pizza Hut, but we waited for almost an hour before the food was served. Anyway the manager, Misha, was kind enough to offer us a free meal because of the delay, but anyway we paid for the dinner ourselve, but Misha insisted to buy us dinner the next time we are there.

Anyway after dinner we went upstairs and I totally forgot about the pain when I saw electronic rides! I requested to walk and I could even climbed on it which was almost 1ft high up! So I was in no pain at all, it was just an act.

Earlier today, daddy called Uncle Tim Weng to asked how is his baby coming along since the delivery is going to be end of this month, but instead, daddy got a shocking news that the baby died inside the womb at 9months because of liver complication!

Lunch : Pork Reddish Soup with Mama Instant Noodle
Dinner : Shell Agli Olio with Bread Stick @ Pizza Hut

No photo taken today.

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Tuesday 1 September 2009

At Jonker Street

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It was an unusual day as daddy drove to Malacca with mommy, grandpa and granny. Daddy came back home around 1230hrs and drove directly to Malacca since daddy needed to deliver some goods to Popular Bookstore since an artist from Taiwan made a last minute request.

We arrived in Malacca just after 1400hrs via Batu Gajah exit and went for lunch in a Chicken Rice Ball along Jonker Street immediately after daddy delivered the goods. After lunch we took a walk since daddy and mommy was looking for some furniture for the new house. Just before we left Malacca, daddy had to have his fix of Cendol, luckily it is a weekday so we did not have to rush with the other tourists. It was quite a good trip since it wasn't crowded and we almost manage to get a parking spot along Jonker Street.

Grandma got me a portable battery operated fan and plastic chicken that cocks. Later at night during dinner, it was a coincidence that another Thai family seated next to us.

Lunch : Chicken Rice Ball @ Jonker Street
Dinner : Fish Ball Noodle

Some photos taken today

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