Tuesday 1 September 2009

At Jonker Street

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It was an unusual day as daddy drove to Malacca with mommy, grandpa and granny. Daddy came back home around 1230hrs and drove directly to Malacca since daddy needed to deliver some goods to Popular Bookstore since an artist from Taiwan made a last minute request.

We arrived in Malacca just after 1400hrs via Batu Gajah exit and went for lunch in a Chicken Rice Ball along Jonker Street immediately after daddy delivered the goods. After lunch we took a walk since daddy and mommy was looking for some furniture for the new house. Just before we left Malacca, daddy had to have his fix of Cendol, luckily it is a weekday so we did not have to rush with the other tourists. It was quite a good trip since it wasn't crowded and we almost manage to get a parking spot along Jonker Street.

Grandma got me a portable battery operated fan and plastic chicken that cocks. Later at night during dinner, it was a coincidence that another Thai family seated next to us.

Lunch : Chicken Rice Ball @ Jonker Street
Dinner : Fish Ball Noodle

Some photos taken today

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