Sunday 27 September 2009

A Science Day!

I had an awesome afternoon today, when daddy decided to take me to Petrosains - The Discovery Centre at Suria KLCC. We arrived around 1400hrs after having lunch just outside the house, and was caught in a traffic at the Sungei Besi toll plaza for a while since it was raining, but the traffic to KLCC was smooth after the toll.

We went straight up to the 4th floor since daddy remembered that the Petrosains closes quite early even on weekends or public holiday! Since I was below the age of 4, I could enter both centre, the Petrosains and Petrosains Dinotrek, for free. We were first directed to the Dinotrek since daddy wanted to show me the dinosaurs as I was afraid to get close to the tyrannosaurus head at the entrance to petrosains, as daddy thought I had to be carried all the way until there was group of girls excavating a toy pit, I started playing with them and I wasn't afraid of the dinosaurs exhibits anymore. The featured dinosaurs are Protoceratops, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex and daddy's favourite Velociraptor. Some of the exciting activities are, Dino Dig, Meat and Veggie and Dino Dance.

After Dinotrek, we walked over to take the Dark Ride into the main exhibition hall, through Petrojaya, Geotime Diorama, Sparkz, Speed, Heli Ride to The Oil Platform, Exploration and Speed. It took me almost 2 hours to experience some of the most exciting science invention and experiment which I still do not understand! For me the most exciting would be the ride on the helicopter simulator to the oil platform which is "quite" similar to my first helicopter ride at Rio de Janeiro. Unfortunately we do not have our camera with us, but daddy will surely take me here again soon with both a camera and video camera, since there is a family package which cost RM100 only a year for unlimited entries.

Lunch : Wan Ton Noodle
Dinner : Chicken Teppanyaki and Fish Porridge

Some photos taken today

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