Tuesday 15 September 2009

Down On Ground!

I fell down today while playing outside at home and I start faking the pain I am enduring! Mommy immediately took me upstairs to clean the wound and dress it up nicely. Then daddy got back not long after that, immediately I started crying when daddy started walking into the house. Daddy did not know what actually happen when I started crying until mommy told daddy that I fell and injured my knee! Daddy then carried me and put me at the sofa and watch cartoon, I refused to move a single inch until mommy ask daddy to go to Tesco to get some vegs for me. I put on my shoe and limp my way across the road into the car! What an actress.

When we got to Tesco, we had dinner at Pizza Hut, but we waited for almost an hour before the food was served. Anyway the manager, Misha, was kind enough to offer us a free meal because of the delay, but anyway we paid for the dinner ourselve, but Misha insisted to buy us dinner the next time we are there.

Anyway after dinner we went upstairs and I totally forgot about the pain when I saw electronic rides! I requested to walk and I could even climbed on it which was almost 1ft high up! So I was in no pain at all, it was just an act.

Earlier today, daddy called Uncle Tim Weng to asked how is his baby coming along since the delivery is going to be end of this month, but instead, daddy got a shocking news that the baby died inside the womb at 9months because of liver complication!

Lunch : Pork Reddish Soup with Mama Instant Noodle
Dinner : Shell Agli Olio with Bread Stick @ Pizza Hut

No photo taken today.

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