Monday 27 October 2008

Festival Of Lights

Today is the festival of light, or known as Deepavali by Indians. Its a year ago when I posted on Deepavali and I am doing it now again a year later. Since last year I did not manage to go swimming, this year, it wasn't raining and I went swimming.

I am beginning to be a little more adventurous when I am in the water, I would actually try to jump into the water and refuses to sit inside the float. Daddy is thinking of getting me the arm float so I would be able to move more freely.

Early this morning, daddy and mommy sent Auntie Aey to the airport for her flight to Bangkok. After lunch before I went swimming, I visited Baby Ashley. She is growing really fast! It will be soon when I could start playing with her, if she still stays in Kajang.

Lunch : Steam Vegetable Egg with Vegetable Soup and Rice
Dinner : Srir Fried Mix Vegetable with Vegetable Soup and Rice

No photo were taken today.

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Sunday 26 October 2008

Cozy Sunday

Daddy wanted to go shopping but mommy wasn't keen to go anywhere so we stayed at home the whole day until in the evening when daddy, mommy, granny and auntie Aey drove out for dinner without me.

Auntie Aey will be flying back to Bangkok tomorrow since she will be starting her class tomorrow. Auntie Aey was suppose to take a bus back to Hat Yai then another bus to Bangkok but because it was a long weekend, all bus to Hat Yai are full so she is going to take Air Asia to Bangkok.

Lunch : Fried Egg with Onions served with Steam Rice
Dinner : Fried Mix Vegetable with Vegetable Soup served with Steam Rice

No photo were taken today

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Saturday 25 October 2008

Got A New Shoe!

I got a new pair of shoe today after weeks of shopping for it. It is a Sensory Motion Peanut shoe by Nike which was on 50% discount. It looks good since the toes area is wide and the weight is light as well. Daddy is quite picky in buying shoes, the things daddy look at are,
1) No buttons or small item easily come off, which I might pick it up and put it into my mouth.
2) Right show size, not too big but it has to come with a big toe area.
3) Easily put on and remove without any shoe lace that need to the tie.
4) Good sole anti-slip surface.
5) The weight of the shoe, as light as possible.

But the most important thing in buying a shoe, other than the comfort and looks would be the flexibility of the shoe, the bend of the shoe should not be directly under the toe (known as a steel arch support shoe), since it will affect the growth of the leg. For more information about getting a pair of shoe, click here.

See buying a shoe for me isn't as easy as a shoe for daddy!

Lunch : Steam Egg with Vegetable Soup
Dinner : Seafood Toufu with Pork Soup @ Oriental Cravings

No photo were taken today

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Sunday 19 October 2008

Shopping Day

I went out today again, but shopping this time since granny wanted to go to Pavillion to walk since granny has not been there for quite a while now. Mommy was looking for a shoe for me in Parkson but unfortunately was no nice, too big or too small. There was a canvas shoe which mommy and daddy really like by Adam. Then daddy wanted to get something from Adidas but all the shoes I tried were too big for me.

Later mommy got me some Arnott's Teddy Bear biscuit from Mercado.

How do you like my Hard Rock tee.

Lunch : Fried Broccoli with Carrot and and Steam Rice
Dinner : Vegetable Soup With Steam Rice

Some photos taken today

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Saturday 18 October 2008

In The Swimming Pool

Finally after weeks of trying to go swimming finally, I was able to go swimming today. Luckily it rained early in the afternoon but the rain stopped around 1500hrs. Had a wonderful time in the water. Daddy also tried to teach me how to kick in the water which I manage to but just kicking wrongly. I am also starting to dislike staying inside the float, or maybe the size is too small. Daddy thought of getting a new arm float instead, so I could move more freely.

After swimming daddy drove to Mid Valley to walk around since mommy wanted to get something from Guardian.

Lunch : Steam Rice with Fried Broccoli and Carrot
Dinner : Claypot Seafood Toufu with Vegetable Soup Steam Rice

Some photos taken today

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Thursday 16 October 2008

Lunch Time

While mommy was feeding me lunch today, I was browsing through the Tesco store promotional catalogue. As I was turning the pages, I notice, Vitagen(assurance from manufacturer) and immediately pointed at it. Mommy then asked me where is it, and I pointed to the fridge. Then ask I was flipping the rest of the pages, I notices some show which are on promotion, I took my feet up and pointed at it. It would have been nice if mommy shot some video of me today.

Mommy now also starting to give me more food to try. A couple of days back, daddy tried to let me have a taste of chili, which I started screaming for water. I have also started craving for certain fruits such bananas, plums and kiwis but I don't really enjoy Apple juice (daddy kept feeding me even daddy knows it is not very good for me).

Up till now I am still unable to make proper sentence. I best I could do is say "Pai Shopping". Mommy took a new dress send by Auntie Ann in Bangkok, which was meant for sale, to try it on me. I will be attending Auntie Muay's wedding in Bangkok next month and I might be the flower girl, if I can walk on my own without throwing the flower away. Guess mommy will have to start training me for this occasion.

Lunch :
Dinner :

Still no photo taken as daddy is having some difficulties transferring the photos into the computer.

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Wednesday 15 October 2008


I got so excited in the afternoon when mommy took me over to see Ser Kai. I screamed and ran to her, hugging and kissing her stomach since I reaches the stomach only. I had a great time playing with Ser Kai.

Daddy got back much earlier today after renewing the road tax, which daddy got a rebate of RM625.00 immediately from the Post Office after paying for the road tax, but the amount is still less than the insurance for the car. The rebate form can be downloaded here.

It rained so heavily today that the road in front of the house flooded, Uncle Khee Wai's house was 1 inch under the water in the living area. Luckily my house is raised slightly above the road level, if not we will be affected as well since the drain were all clog up.

Lunch : Steam Rice with Vegetable Soup 
Dinner : Steam Egg with Rice

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Tuesday 14 October 2008

A Visit To Doctor

Today I went to visit Doctor Khoo again. I was given a tetanus injection as part of my course of injection since birth. The injection was fine until I moved by head to the back and hit the doctor's table. I cried so loud after that.

My growth is back to normal after the last visit which the doctor say I was somewhat stunted. Anyway below is my latest growth details, compare to my previous details,
1) Weight - 10.7kg (back to the 50% graph)
2) Height - 83cm (maintaining between 75% and 90% graph)
3) HC - 46.5cm (at 75% growth rate)

Doctor asked daddy about my progress if I could scribble, which the answer was definately yes since I started scribbling on daddy and mommy's bed a few weeks ago. Another question which doctor asked was if I could start saying about 20 words, which daddy answered no, Doctor got surprised and look at daddy as I am having problem with my progress, which mommy immediately told doctor that I could say more than 20 words such as,
1) Papa
2) Mommy
3) Mama
4) Por Por
5) Flower
6) Ball (-Ball)
7) Tiger
8) Shopping (my favourite currently)
9) Mum Mum
10) Hmm Hmm (need to go to toilet)
11) Nam (-Nam (water)
12) Dog
13) Bird
14) Nong (little one)
15) Kor Kor
16) Che Che
17) Yeh Yeh
18) Kok Kok (Piggy Back on Mommy)
19) Kok Kok Kok (Knocking on Door)
20) Please
21) Shh Shh (Urinate)

But I could understand what are the following,
1) Eye (both in English and Thai)
2) Nose (both in English and Thai)
3) Mouth (both in English and Thai)
4) Ear (both in English and Thai)
and many more but daddy favourite is being "High Five" and for mommy would be asking me to do a "sorry" action by putting my hand over my forehead (like saluting).

Lunch : Vegetable Soup with Pork Rib and Pumpkin Porridge
Dinner : Bitter Gourd Soup with Steam Rice

I would love to update some photos taken a few days back but daddy has not been transfer the photo into the computer.

Click here for updated information from Ministry of Health Malaysia on the product which is not affected by the melamine contamination, updated on October 13th, 2008. Currently there are still 3 items from China which is non-compliance with high amount of melamine,
1) EGO White Rabbit Creamy Candy
2) Vigour 888 Filling Roll (Shrimp Flavour)
3) TARO Biscuits

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Monday 13 October 2008

Been Really Lazy

I have been lazy over the last few days or more like weeks. No updates on my blog.

Yesterday, I turn 18months old but I stayed at home since the weather has been unpredictable. Mommy wanted to take me out swimming last Sat but the sky turn dark in the evening, my swimming plan had to changed to shopping plan. Daddy got me a new IKEA red colour high chair so that we can take my old high chair back to Hat Yai. So I would have a high chair when I am there.

I could also say "pai shopping" (means go shopping) all the time now. Whenever anyone says shopping I would get all excited and start walking to the door and ask for the shoe. Once I am all ready to go, I would run towards the door and wait for everyone else.

Mommy has been taking photos of me over the past few days but daddy has been busy with his ebay listing. Guess I would have to wait for a while before my photos are uploaded.

On thursday, I would be visiting Doc Khoo for some injection, I am not sure how I would react to Doc now! since I am beginning to recognize things.

Lunch : Vegetable Soup with Congee
Dinner : Steam Egg with Steam Rice

Some photos taken today

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Friday 10 October 2008

A Photoshoot Session

Mommy got busy today, taking photos of me outside the house. I am not going to post all the photos but you can view them in the slideshow link below. Have fun.

Some photos taken today

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Sunday 5 October 2008

Baby Ashley

Baby Ashley was born on Sept 30th but because mommy has made arrangement to go back to Hat Yai we only manage to visit Baby Ashley. In a few months time I will be able to play with her. Wow more friends to play with now.

Some photos taken today

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Friday 3 October 2008

In Hat Yai

Today has been my third day in Hat Yai since Oct 1st (the first day of Hari Raya). Daddy started driving at 0200hrs but only arriving in Hat Yai house at 0900hrs (1000hrs MST), a total of 8 hours from home to home, which usually only takes around 6hrs. The immigration procedure in the Malaysian side took the longest time, we waited for around 45mins before we could drive pass the immigration, guess what, only 3 counters were open and cars were lining up until Bukit Kayu Hitam junction!

Surprisingly this time, the Thai immigration and customs was incredibly efficient, we manage to get through both immigration and customs in 15mins, the make away the camera so they could actually attend to more people than normal, kudos! But anyhow, a new CIQ Complex should be build to cater a higher traffic especially during festive season. The same thing happen in Nong Khai immigration complex during weekend. Later in the night before going to celebrate grandpa's birthday, mommy took me so see a doctor since I was starting to cough and signs of phlegm

The next day, I went with mommy to pray for Uncle Art, since it was the 50th day since his death. It was a quick and simple ritual, granny with mommy and grand auntie Siew cook food for the monks and chanted for about 30mins, everything over within 1hour and 30mins. In the afternoon, mommy wanted to take a drive to Patthalung and visit Kiki but daddy wasn't keen since petrol wasn't cheap anymore and it wasn't interested in visiting Patthalung, unless we were going to Trang.

Today was interested as daddy drove to visit Songkhla Zoo for the very first time and it free entrance for everyone since it was the zoo's 10th anniversary. But sadly, it wasn't as good as how daddy visited more than year ago but it was still quite interesting since you can drive around the zoo compound. This trip, I got to see,
1) Sea Lion Show
2) Penguins
3) Elephant
4) Cows
5) Buffalo
6) Civets
7) Snakes
8) Ostrichs
9) Zebras
10) Giraffes
11) Camels
12) Hornbill (bird)
13) Baboons
14) Gibbons
15) Tiger (and White Tiger) + cub
16) Leopard

Tomorrow daddy will be driving back with mommy and me to Malaysia since daddy will be having an artist arriving from Taiwan tomorrow for a concert in Genting. Wish I could stay until Monday before going back.

Daddy forgot to bring both video camera and camera for this trip. I think it would be easier for daddy to buy a compact camera so it can be kept in my milk bag.

Lunch : Pork Congee
Dinner : Steam Rice with Steam Egg with Spring Onions and Pork

No photo weres taken today.