Wednesday 15 October 2008


I got so excited in the afternoon when mommy took me over to see Ser Kai. I screamed and ran to her, hugging and kissing her stomach since I reaches the stomach only. I had a great time playing with Ser Kai.

Daddy got back much earlier today after renewing the road tax, which daddy got a rebate of RM625.00 immediately from the Post Office after paying for the road tax, but the amount is still less than the insurance for the car. The rebate form can be downloaded here.

It rained so heavily today that the road in front of the house flooded, Uncle Khee Wai's house was 1 inch under the water in the living area. Luckily my house is raised slightly above the road level, if not we will be affected as well since the drain were all clog up.

Lunch : Steam Rice with Vegetable Soup 
Dinner : Steam Egg with Rice

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Unknown said...

Eh, how come when i renewed my road tax and i went to the POst Office to redeem the rebate but was told to wait for 7 working days?? So you got your rebate immediately?

Anonymous said...

Yes, got the rebate immediately after paying for the roadtax in the post office, unless you make your payment in JPJ then you would need to wait for a few days.