Tuesday 14 October 2008

A Visit To Doctor

Today I went to visit Doctor Khoo again. I was given a tetanus injection as part of my course of injection since birth. The injection was fine until I moved by head to the back and hit the doctor's table. I cried so loud after that.

My growth is back to normal after the last visit which the doctor say I was somewhat stunted. Anyway below is my latest growth details, compare to my previous details,
1) Weight - 10.7kg (back to the 50% graph)
2) Height - 83cm (maintaining between 75% and 90% graph)
3) HC - 46.5cm (at 75% growth rate)

Doctor asked daddy about my progress if I could scribble, which the answer was definately yes since I started scribbling on daddy and mommy's bed a few weeks ago. Another question which doctor asked was if I could start saying about 20 words, which daddy answered no, Doctor got surprised and look at daddy as I am having problem with my progress, which mommy immediately told doctor that I could say more than 20 words such as,
1) Papa
2) Mommy
3) Mama
4) Por Por
5) Flower
6) Ball (-Ball)
7) Tiger
8) Shopping (my favourite currently)
9) Mum Mum
10) Hmm Hmm (need to go to toilet)
11) Nam (-Nam (water)
12) Dog
13) Bird
14) Nong (little one)
15) Kor Kor
16) Che Che
17) Yeh Yeh
18) Kok Kok (Piggy Back on Mommy)
19) Kok Kok Kok (Knocking on Door)
20) Please
21) Shh Shh (Urinate)

But I could understand what are the following,
1) Eye (both in English and Thai)
2) Nose (both in English and Thai)
3) Mouth (both in English and Thai)
4) Ear (both in English and Thai)
and many more but daddy favourite is being "High Five" and for mommy would be asking me to do a "sorry" action by putting my hand over my forehead (like saluting).

Lunch : Vegetable Soup with Pork Rib and Pumpkin Porridge
Dinner : Bitter Gourd Soup with Steam Rice

I would love to update some photos taken a few days back but daddy has not been transfer the photo into the computer.

Click here for updated information from Ministry of Health Malaysia on the product which is not affected by the melamine contamination, updated on October 13th, 2008. Currently there are still 3 items from China which is non-compliance with high amount of melamine,
1) EGO White Rabbit Creamy Candy
2) Vigour 888 Filling Roll (Shrimp Flavour)
3) TARO Biscuits

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