Monday 27 October 2008

Festival Of Lights

Today is the festival of light, or known as Deepavali by Indians. Its a year ago when I posted on Deepavali and I am doing it now again a year later. Since last year I did not manage to go swimming, this year, it wasn't raining and I went swimming.

I am beginning to be a little more adventurous when I am in the water, I would actually try to jump into the water and refuses to sit inside the float. Daddy is thinking of getting me the arm float so I would be able to move more freely.

Early this morning, daddy and mommy sent Auntie Aey to the airport for her flight to Bangkok. After lunch before I went swimming, I visited Baby Ashley. She is growing really fast! It will be soon when I could start playing with her, if she still stays in Kajang.

Lunch : Steam Vegetable Egg with Vegetable Soup and Rice
Dinner : Srir Fried Mix Vegetable with Vegetable Soup and Rice

No photo were taken today.

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