Thursday 16 October 2008

Lunch Time

While mommy was feeding me lunch today, I was browsing through the Tesco store promotional catalogue. As I was turning the pages, I notice, Vitagen(assurance from manufacturer) and immediately pointed at it. Mommy then asked me where is it, and I pointed to the fridge. Then ask I was flipping the rest of the pages, I notices some show which are on promotion, I took my feet up and pointed at it. It would have been nice if mommy shot some video of me today.

Mommy now also starting to give me more food to try. A couple of days back, daddy tried to let me have a taste of chili, which I started screaming for water. I have also started craving for certain fruits such bananas, plums and kiwis but I don't really enjoy Apple juice (daddy kept feeding me even daddy knows it is not very good for me).

Up till now I am still unable to make proper sentence. I best I could do is say "Pai Shopping". Mommy took a new dress send by Auntie Ann in Bangkok, which was meant for sale, to try it on me. I will be attending Auntie Muay's wedding in Bangkok next month and I might be the flower girl, if I can walk on my own without throwing the flower away. Guess mommy will have to start training me for this occasion.

Lunch :
Dinner :

Still no photo taken as daddy is having some difficulties transferring the photos into the computer.

Today's Movie - Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull

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