Friday 3 October 2008

In Hat Yai

Today has been my third day in Hat Yai since Oct 1st (the first day of Hari Raya). Daddy started driving at 0200hrs but only arriving in Hat Yai house at 0900hrs (1000hrs MST), a total of 8 hours from home to home, which usually only takes around 6hrs. The immigration procedure in the Malaysian side took the longest time, we waited for around 45mins before we could drive pass the immigration, guess what, only 3 counters were open and cars were lining up until Bukit Kayu Hitam junction!

Surprisingly this time, the Thai immigration and customs was incredibly efficient, we manage to get through both immigration and customs in 15mins, the make away the camera so they could actually attend to more people than normal, kudos! But anyhow, a new CIQ Complex should be build to cater a higher traffic especially during festive season. The same thing happen in Nong Khai immigration complex during weekend. Later in the night before going to celebrate grandpa's birthday, mommy took me so see a doctor since I was starting to cough and signs of phlegm

The next day, I went with mommy to pray for Uncle Art, since it was the 50th day since his death. It was a quick and simple ritual, granny with mommy and grand auntie Siew cook food for the monks and chanted for about 30mins, everything over within 1hour and 30mins. In the afternoon, mommy wanted to take a drive to Patthalung and visit Kiki but daddy wasn't keen since petrol wasn't cheap anymore and it wasn't interested in visiting Patthalung, unless we were going to Trang.

Today was interested as daddy drove to visit Songkhla Zoo for the very first time and it free entrance for everyone since it was the zoo's 10th anniversary. But sadly, it wasn't as good as how daddy visited more than year ago but it was still quite interesting since you can drive around the zoo compound. This trip, I got to see,
1) Sea Lion Show
2) Penguins
3) Elephant
4) Cows
5) Buffalo
6) Civets
7) Snakes
8) Ostrichs
9) Zebras
10) Giraffes
11) Camels
12) Hornbill (bird)
13) Baboons
14) Gibbons
15) Tiger (and White Tiger) + cub
16) Leopard

Tomorrow daddy will be driving back with mommy and me to Malaysia since daddy will be having an artist arriving from Taiwan tomorrow for a concert in Genting. Wish I could stay until Monday before going back.

Daddy forgot to bring both video camera and camera for this trip. I think it would be easier for daddy to buy a compact camera so it can be kept in my milk bag.

Lunch : Pork Congee
Dinner : Steam Rice with Steam Egg with Spring Onions and Pork

No photo weres taken today.

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