Saturday 25 October 2008

Got A New Shoe!

I got a new pair of shoe today after weeks of shopping for it. It is a Sensory Motion Peanut shoe by Nike which was on 50% discount. It looks good since the toes area is wide and the weight is light as well. Daddy is quite picky in buying shoes, the things daddy look at are,
1) No buttons or small item easily come off, which I might pick it up and put it into my mouth.
2) Right show size, not too big but it has to come with a big toe area.
3) Easily put on and remove without any shoe lace that need to the tie.
4) Good sole anti-slip surface.
5) The weight of the shoe, as light as possible.

But the most important thing in buying a shoe, other than the comfort and looks would be the flexibility of the shoe, the bend of the shoe should not be directly under the toe (known as a steel arch support shoe), since it will affect the growth of the leg. For more information about getting a pair of shoe, click here.

See buying a shoe for me isn't as easy as a shoe for daddy!

Lunch : Steam Egg with Vegetable Soup
Dinner : Seafood Toufu with Pork Soup @ Oriental Cravings

No photo were taken today

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