Wednesday 31 October 2007

Sick Daddy

In the morning just as daddy was waking up to go to work, he felt his throat was burning and the whole body was tired like after doing a triathlon. He decided to stay at home and rest. But he actually got worst, fever started and non-stop running nose.

As for me did not do anything as mommy was busy taking care of me as well my bed ridden daddy.

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Tuesday 30 October 2007

The Pianist

Today I made some improvement in my crawling skills. I could actually push myself forward a couple of times but the baby cot is just too small for me to move anymore. But I refuses to crawl when I am put on the bed! Hahahahaha

Today granny also took me over to the piano and I just got myself a new skill, I am a pianist now :) which do not know how to play actually. But I had a wonderful time playing the keys.

Video taken of me today playing the piano,

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Over 3000 Hits

Today I have achieved 3000 hits for this website since it first stated when I was still in my mommy's womb with my estimated weight of 2.9kg.

My fingers nails are getting long again and I think mommy will have to find a way to keep them short and smooth since I've scratched myself a couple of times and today I also scratched mommy's fingers as well.

One of the reason because I am not crawling could be because I am also kept inside the baby cot, which the space is restricted. Maybe mommy should putting me on the floor or somewhere with a larger space and not limited to the baby cot so I could start practising, should see how I move when I am on the bed.

Mommy also thinks that I could be teething because she notice some veins running on my gums. Not sure how long it will take until my first tooth appears.

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Sunday 28 October 2007

A Shopping Day

Today it was suppose to visit the club but as a regular occurrence in my house, a power supply breakdown, supplied by the local utility company, Tenaga Nasional (National Energy). As it was getting to hot daddy decided to go shopping instead of staying at home and wait for the power to return. So it was impossible for daddy to print my photo and also a copy of my birthcert for the club.

So we all went to Mid Valley for shopping since mommy wanted to get me a new stroller to be use around the house in the evening since it was will too hot and dusty if I uses my little orange car. Granny saw one in Jusco, which everyone including myself (since I kept smiling sitting on it) but the wheels don't seems to be properly align. It was cheap and just what mommy needed, airy and washable. Basically a replica of MacLaren Volo Stroller and a third of the price.

No photo was taken today as daddy forgot to take the camera out again. Never learn.

Today's Movie - Seasons Change (เพราะอากาศเปลี่ยนแปลงบ่อย) / Fan Chan (My Girl / แฟนฉัน)

Saturday 27 October 2007


Daddy and mommy wanted to take me out for swim today but unfortunately the bikini that I have is still too big for me. I have tried to put it on every 3 months but it is still too big, am I not growing? Will have to ask mommy to get me another so I can start my swim next weekend.

I am also starting to crawl but I have not mastered it yet, I could only do the first push and after that I would just flip over trying to get nearer to the object.

Video taken today,

Today's Movie - I Now Pronouce You Chuck And Larry

Friday 26 October 2007

Scratch My Own Face

It was only last week when mommy was thinking how did I actually scratch my eyelid twice at the same place on two different occasions. It happen again today when granpa was carrying, suddenly mommy asked granpa what happen to my cheek, because it was bleeding and granpa got a shock replying, "I don't know it wasn't bleeding just now". Well I scratch my own actually.

In the evening granny's friend come over to stay with us tonight as well because she will be attending Grand Uncle Patrick's funeral tomorrow. So far the Rotarix® which I took has not shown any side effect on me.

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Today's Movie - I Now Pronouce You Chuck And Larry

Thursday 25 October 2007

Great Granny Come To Visit

This morning great granny "Ah Tai" come over to my house with great uncle "Sei Sook Gong" and auntie but they did not stay long and left in the afternoon. It was nice to meet up with Ah Tai since the last time in "Sei Sook Gong's" house.

When granny and granpa went out for satay with great uncle and auntie for lunch, mommy fed with porridge and amazingly I finished the whole bowl which I normally would not finish it.

Daddy also wanted mommy to get print a some photo of me to submit for Bukit Jalil Goulf And Country Resort junior card so I could start going swimming. Since daddy has not crop the photo, I doubt mommy has printed the photos out.

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A video taken of me today,

Today's Movie - Udom Taephanit "One Stand Up Comedy"

Wednesday 24 October 2007

Passing Of A Family Friend

Since no one believe the lenght that were measured yesterday in Dr. Khoo's clinic, grandpa and mommy measured me today and they confirm that I am 70cm instead of 67.5cm a 2.5cm longer. I am not sure who is correct but I think it will be difficult to take the measurement taken in Dr. Khoo's clinic yesterday.

Today, it was a surprise that I 'poo-poo' twice which sometime I do not even pee for 2 days. I hope my digestions is getting better.

In the evening daddy got a very sad news when mommy called him to inform daddy on the passing of a close family friend, "Gong Gong" Patrick Lee, due to heart complication at 1745hrs at Gleaneagles Hospital in Kuala Lumpur. He is a man with full of laughter and adventure. We will all miss him dearly.

(Grand Uncle Patrick - 5th from right)

No photo was taken today.

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Tuesday 23 October 2007


Today daddy and mommy took me to see Dr. Khoo for my monthly check-up and injection with a dose of Rotarix® which causes my diarrhea. I am not sure if I am going to have it again this time but anyway this is the last dose and it should not be any problem. I also received another dose of Prevenar, which is the 5 in one jab.

Doctor took my measurement as well today and my growth is good on my head as well as my weight but daddy is surprise that I did not grew. I am not only longer by 5mm from my last visit. Am I stunted?

Lenght - 67.5cm / 70cm (measured on Oct 24th, 2007)
Weight - 6.76kg

HC - 42.5cm

Grandpa was also surprise about my lenght since he felt I grew longer as well. Guess grandpa will think of a way to get a more correct measurement soon.

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Today's Movie - Phuen Sanit (เพื่อนสนิท)

Monday 22 October 2007

Raya Open House

Today Uncle Sani invited daddy, mommy and me for an open house in his mother's house. Daddy use to say how good is Uncle Sani's mom cooking, especially the beef rendang, daddy's favourite. I also met Alicia and a new friend, Eliza who is the daughter of Uncle Amin (Uncle Sani's brother).

This morning I had some problem passing motion as well as the beginning of my poo was very hard and I had a tough time pushing it out. Daddy and mommy will have to bring me to visit Dr. Khoo tomorrow for the monthly schedule visit and they will have to ask doctor for a solution if not I will have problem passing each time.

Since last week daddy has been making me sit up and gradually holding me up and over the past few days I could do it with minimal assistance. I hope daddy will take a video of me standing with minimal assistance in the next couple of days.

Some photos taken today,

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