Tuesday 9 October 2007

Did I Just Called Mommy, Ma Moo?

It caught everyone with surprise tonight when mommy and daddy was playing a prank on me when it was about time for me to sleep. Normally around 2100hrs mommy will start to bring me upstairs to sleep but tonight because mommy and daddy got back around 2200hrs they thought of playing with me first.

At first it was just daddy and mommy trying to ask me who I would choose but sleeping time, it will definately be mommy, no one could actually make me go to sleep easily. The today the first time, mommy tried to do something more, waving good bye and walk out of the house I started calling out "Ma-moo", this is when everyone got quite and started looking at me like I just did something bad! Then mommy ask, if I called? Definately I did not answer. Let's see when I am going to call out again, maybe "Pa-Poo" like Papa 'poo poo'.

Mommy also got 2 bottles of Gerber baby 1st food with 2 flavour, a pear and a banana.

Some photos taken today

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Oct 4th and 6th video uploaded.

Today's Movie - Ocean's 13

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