Thursday 25 October 2007

Great Granny Come To Visit

This morning great granny "Ah Tai" come over to my house with great uncle "Sei Sook Gong" and auntie but they did not stay long and left in the afternoon. It was nice to meet up with Ah Tai since the last time in "Sei Sook Gong's" house.

When granny and granpa went out for satay with great uncle and auntie for lunch, mommy fed with porridge and amazingly I finished the whole bowl which I normally would not finish it.

Daddy also wanted mommy to get print a some photo of me to submit for Bukit Jalil Goulf And Country Resort junior card so I could start going swimming. Since daddy has not crop the photo, I doubt mommy has printed the photos out.

Some photos taken today

Click here for slideshow.

A video taken of me today,

Today's Movie - Udom Taephanit "One Stand Up Comedy"

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