Tuesday 2 October 2007

Still Not Well

I am still not feeling very well after 2 days of running nose. Actually this morning it was quite bad when I couldn't stop sneezing since I woke up. But later in the afternoon, mommy called daddy to tell him that I am getting very active and not like a sick girl anymore. Non stop talking and start kicking non-stop.

As for Toon, she will be leaving to go home next week. She is now waiting for her passport so Grandpa would be able to buy her an airticket back to her hometown in Jogjakarta. But daddy today wanted to buy an airticket to Australia when Air Asia X started their first press ad in the newspaper. The one way fare cost RM299 from Kuala Lumpur to Gold Coast. But after searching for all the date, he could not find any fare matches the advertise fare. Anyway will wait for the next destination.

Mommy did not take any photos as well today as she was busy.

Today's Movie - Ocean's 13

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