Tuesday 30 October 2007

Over 3000 Hits

Today I have achieved 3000 hits for this website since it first stated when I was still in my mommy's womb with my estimated weight of 2.9kg.

My fingers nails are getting long again and I think mommy will have to find a way to keep them short and smooth since I've scratched myself a couple of times and today I also scratched mommy's fingers as well.

One of the reason because I am not crawling could be because I am also kept inside the baby cot, which the space is restricted. Maybe mommy should putting me on the floor or somewhere with a larger space and not limited to the baby cot so I could start practising, should see how I move when I am on the bed.

Mommy also thinks that I could be teething because she notice some veins running on my gums. Not sure how long it will take until my first tooth appears.

Some photos taken today

Click here for slideshow.

Today's Movie - License To Wed

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