Tuesday 3 April 2007

My First Blog

I think I should have done this month before so I could show you the changes in me. This will be my first posting in my blog until time permits. Currently I am due to born on April 26th, 2007, which is less than a month from now.

My last ultrascan was done last week on Thursday (March 29th, 2007), and the doctor says I am growing well. I am currently 2.9kg which is within the growth chart and feeling not very comfortable in my mom's tummy. I think I am getting to large. My mom keeps complaining about me being to big, kicking her all the time.

This is me in 3D,

And me in 2D,

Today my baby cot arrived but sadly it had a manufacturing fault and my parent could not get it up. Anyway, IKEA will be coming this Saturday (April 7th, 2007) to check and hopefully replace a new cot for me.

In the evening, it was so noisy with all those thunder but being good girl, I was not afraid because my mom played 1 hour of classical music.....

Tomorrow, I will post the remaining ultrascan photos....

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