Monday 9 April 2007

Mommy Having Flu

Today mommy is not feeling very well so it was a lazy sunday at home. Mommy and Daddy was suppose to go to IKEA to get the money back when they returned the baby cot yesterday but someone from IKEA called to daddy telling him that they will credit back the money into daddy's credit account and mommy slept most of the day. Granpa was suggesting to get a baby cot from another shop since the price is about the same. I hope I can have my own little bed when I am born.

After dinner, daddy, mommy and granny went to Carrefour in Alamanda to get some supplies and milk powder (Wyeth Mama with DHA) for mommy. Wyeth Mama was introduce to mommy during a pregnancy talk at Britannia and supposingly it also taste much better than Anmum and Enfamama A+.

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