Thursday 12 April 2007


I am born today, April 12, 2007 at 12.37pm weighing in at 3.25kg and 46cm in height (lenght) at Britannia Women and Children Specialist Centre by Dr. Tan assisted by Dr. Loy and Mrs. Prema. Below are some of the photos of me and mommy just before and after delivery. It all started at 3am when mommy was complaining to daddy about the contractions... it was a quick and painless process giving birth to me via C-sec.

That Me still inside mommy... Mommy having her breakfast, break with butter and strawberry jam.

Mommy waiting for Dr. Loy

My arrival

Here... this is me after washing up.....

Currently me and mommy is healthy. In my next update I will post a link to all the photos taken today as well as a short clip.

Thank you very much to everyone that visited me and mommy in the hospital as well as the wishes.

For more photos click here.

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