Friday 6 April 2007

Britannia Hospital

Britannia Women & Children Specialist Centre is where I will be born. My parent initial plan was to deliver me in the states but due to some commitment, my mom was unable to travel there. So my parent started searching for a hospital, the first hospital they went to is Pantai Cheras Hospital, where Dr. Asokan does his delivery, but this hospital doens't seems to be very well maintain. So they started asking around, suggested hospitals are,
1) Subang Jaya Medical Centre, Subang Jaya
2) Glenaegles Medical Centre, Jalan Ampang
3) Chinese Maternity Hospital, Jalan Pudu

All hospitals are not convenient due to the location as well as traffic problem..... Initially my mommy decided to give birth to me at KPJ Kajang Specialist Hospital in Kajang but after several comments on the hospital and doctors, my mommy decided to recee Britannia which my mom and dad fell in love to.

Britannia is a 4 storey shoplot located along the SILK Highway (Kajang Ringroad), on the ground floor of the hospital are the consultation rooms, reception and waiting area, on the first floor is the nursery and wards. The second floor is where the delivery rooms and operation theatre are located.

My mommy started coming to Britannia for her regular check-up from my 32nd weeks, by Dr. Tan. Below are my ultrascan photos taken then,

For my 36th weeks scan you will be able to see it here

On the evening today, IKEA called my dad telling him that there might be a problem replacing the baby cot as it has been sold out. The my dad ask them when is the cot going to be available, the lady on the phone said maybe in May!!! No way, I am going to be born without a cot? This cannot happen, I would not be able to sleep on my little own bed. Will see what happens with the IKEA staff comes over on Saturday to check the cot. Hopefully they are able to solve the defect or surprise me with a brand new cot. Click here for more detail of this baby cot.

Tomorrow, I will be posting the cloths that is waiting for me.....


Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs Chow,

My name is Eva. I am currently thinking of having my bb at Britannia and I'm trying to find some feedback from mothers who have been there before. Could you give me your thoughts about this hospital? How is the service and facilities? Anything there which you are not comfortable with?

Pls email to me at

thanks for your help.

cheers, eva

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