Wednesday 31 December 2008

First Day on Road Trip - My First Beach Day

We left Hat Yai around 100ohrs after daddy got up and had our breakfast at home. It was a pleasant drive from Hat Yai to Phuket via Patthalung, Trang, Krabi, Phang-Nga before driving across the bridge into Phuket Island. Along the way, there were plenty of road blocks set up by local provincial police but we did not have any problem for any of it. We arrive at Hilton Arcadia Resort and Spa at Karon Beach just before 1700hrs after daddy took a wrong turn into the town.

We got a very good last minute deal since mommy's friend Tor works in this hotel and we got the family and friend price, a deluxe for 2400bt with a buffet dinner and 30mins spa for 2 person. After we checked-in into our room, daddy thought it would be a great idea to take me to the beach since I missed it when I was in Rio de Janeiro. Initially I was even afraid to step on the sand when mommy put me down, then daddy had to remove his shoe to show me that it was find to walk on it, even then it wasn't enough as mommy need to remove the shoe as well before I would walk on the sand.

Then it was taking me into the water, initially I was fine until I was hit by a strong wave then I started crying again, but it was alright after mommy came to rescue me!. After that I had no problem and even started playing with a cute looking boy.

After playing at the beach it was dinner time and we had it at the Sail Restaurant which wasn't very good. Daddy would only rate it 4/10 for the taste and 6/10 for the service, mommy could not even finish her favourite spagetti bolognaise. Tomorrow morning I will try the other restaurant for breakfast and see how 'bad' is it.

After dinner, we took a drive to Phuket, infamous beach, Patong, which is full of tourist and shopping stalls long the beach front road. We got back to the hotel around 2300hrs and I was totally exhausted. Tomorrow I will be meeting up with Aunty Yam for dinner in Talang

Lunch : Pork Ball Soup with Rice
Dinner : Buffet at The Sail

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Monday 29 December 2008

Ride To Thailand

I will be doing a road trip again to Thailand, except this time, daddy will be driving all the way. The route which daddy is planning to do is,

"Kuala Lumpur - Ipoh - Hat Yai - Phuket - Khao Lak - Ranong - Victoria Point (Kawthoung), Burma - Ranong -Surat Thani - Hat Yai - Kuala Lumpur"

We arrive in Hat Yai after a 9 hours trip with a stop over at Ipoh for daddy's favourite curry noodle. The traffic was quite heavy from Kuala Lumpur will Ipoh but it got better after Penang. The Thai CIQ complex should really improved with the amount of traffic and money they received from each foreigner entering the "kingdom". It took us almost 1hr and 30 mins to clear immigration and customs for the vehicle. Maybe at least they should have a proper area to queue as well a sheltered walkway to the carpark.

Since this trip, Uncle Vincent came with us, the first stop is to get a hotel for Uncle Vincent since most of the hotel mommy checked are full booked. Most of the hotel we went to checked were also full until daddy suggested Wattana Mansion which unlikely to be full even during super peak period.

Unfortunately, Uncle Vincent could only be around for 2 days, left yesterday, before heading back to work. Tomorrow I will be heading to Phuket and the start of my road trip.

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Lunch :
Dinner :

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Thursday 25 December 2008

White Christmas @ Shah Alam

When I woke up this morning, I asked daddy to go 'shopping' but instead, daddy remembered to bring me to the four season house at Bukit Cerakah. We arrived at the park around 1400hrs and it was already full of people, but daddy was lucky to find a parking just outside the main gate to the park entrance.

We waited for about 15mins before we manage to get into a bus, that was even when daddy got feddup lining up and thought of walking to the four season house since the queue was very very long and it would take at least 3 buses before it was our turn to get on. Just as we started our walk, bus after bus arrived and one of the bus stopped right next to us and daddy asked if we could get on since we were already not in-line, driver said 'it' okay' since the bus was actually going another direction. But later it reverse and went back to carry more passenger and eventually went to the direction. Lucky Lucky.

The temperature in the four season house this trip was between -2 to -7 degrees celsius, but it wasn't freezing cold since there was no wind inside the house, which was good since most of us are not dress up for it. Anyway it was still good since it is the closes thing we have to snow, so I could say I had a "White Christmas" this year!

Daddy wanted to walk back to the main entrance since we did not have the chance to visit the rabbit farm (don't waste your going there), bird cages (only had a few peacock) and animal park (nothing much, only a few deers, some horses, ostrich, buffalo, ducks and a few birds). We took a bus back to the main entrance after that since there was already a bus when we came out from the animal park. Entrance to the park is RM3.00 for adults and another RM3.00 for adults to enter the 4 Season house. We left for home immediately after that since we were suppose to attend a christmas dinner at Tai Ku Poh house at 1900hrs.

We arrived at Tai Ku Poh apartment just after 1900hrs and I had my first bite of roast turkey. A great christmas dinner and got my first christmas present too, a new worm-worm.

Lunch : Fried Egg Pumpkin and Pork with Steam Brown Rice
Dinner : Fried Egg Pumpkin and Pork with Steam Brown Rice

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Wednesday 24 December 2008

5.4...3......2............1 Feliz Navidad

It's Going To Be Christmas.

Yesterday daddy and mommy went to Tesco thinking of buying a turkey for my second christmas eve dinner but they did not buy it as daddy was surprise to see that a turkey would cost more than RM100 for a whole turkey. Daddy thought it would only cost around RM70-80 for a whole turkey. Anyway we had a simple Christmas Eve dinner at home with Ham, Mushroom Couscous, Bacon, Sausages and daddy favourite thai dish, Yum Sam Krob.

Tomorrow daddy will be taking me and mommy to visit the 4 season house at Bukit Cerakah. Hopefully it won't rain since the last time I was there with Aunty Aey, it was rained after we visited the house.

Lunch :
Dinner :

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A Post From Daddy

Hi Everyone!

It’s been another year of fun and excitement! Though second half of the year has been a little of a roller coaster ride for me.

Well over the past year, my precious has grown from a baby to a little princess now. She has learn to from crawling to walking sometime in June, feeding herself (more like playing and imitating), calling (papa, mommy (mostly Un), yeh yeh, mah mah, Toon, Por Por, Che Che), screaming when dislike something, and now refusing to take her bath (started only yesterday), but its great watching her growing up and soon you might be reading that she started attending school. It was just like yesterday on the day she was born, could still remember every moment of it, almost like having a heart attack!

As for Un, she is still a fulltime housewife since she is still unable to work “legally” as her visa does not permits her to work for another 2 years. But she has been helping me in some online sales which we have been doing over the past few months. It has been interesting but not a fixed income, but extremely satisfying.

For me, still with EQ Music, nothing has been changed much except the sales has not been too good lately but still maintaining. People has been telling me that next year will be worst so I just have to wait and see what happen and pray for the best.

Since 2007 we did not do much travelling after Aeryn was born, too young to travel, this year we (the three of us) did a big trip, we flew to South America, as I missed Machu Picchu on my last trip there, and I had to do it this time. I got the tickets from Malaysian Airlines, during the promotion which was about 60% of the normal price and Aeryn’s fare was less than RM400 return. But anyway she was too young to remember anything when she grows up. But it was an experience taking a 1 year old backpacking! The other trips we did was to Thailand and Laos.

Next year, will be a slow year for me. My maid will be going back mid Jan and I am not sure she will be coming back to work for us or not. Guess we would need to be prepare for the worst. No new car, no big travel plans, no big exciting stuff, just lay low and chill.

Thank you everyone who helped me, and for those I did not kept in touch, I am sorry. I wanted to but somehow, but somehow I lost my way J I hope to see you next year. For my diving buddies, I know I have been bad, but at least I did not play your back, I did not take a single compress air in my lungs this year! Not sure about next year, do you know what is the age when a kid can go diving? Probably that’s when I will have air bubbles running in my veins again J


Loen, Un and Aeryn

Friday 19 December 2008

Bleeding Knee

Grandpa and granny drove back from Ipoh today after staying there for 2 days.

In the evening, mommy thought of taking me out for a walk, since I never did like to hold on to anyone's hand, I fell down and did not know until I was playing the slide when mommy saw blood flowing down on my knee. Mommy then walk me back and clean the wound for me.

Mommy did not notice the cut when I fell and I did not even make any noise after I fell down, only until mommy notice the blood, I started saying "PAIN" and cried all the way home, only stopped brieftly when granny got home from office. I then refuses to eat my dinner, take my bath and even go downstairs. Daddy even tried to bluff and take me out shopping, but i refuse, saying NO. I just slept on the bed for an hour without moving a little bit at all.

I had my milk around 1900hrs and slept after that. Hopefully I will forget about my cut tomorrow. Definately no swimming for me tomorrow :(..

Lunch : Steam Pomfret with Brown Rice
Dinner : Refuse To Have My Dinner

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Wednesday 17 December 2008

Glass Scattered

I was with Toon in the hall when suddenly, I kicked the speaker when Toon was going to carry me up from the speaker, where I was seated. I kicked the speaker and it fell directly into the sliding glass door, and broke the bottom portion of it. Mommy called daddy immediately and told daddy what had just happen and daddy got back around 1600hrs and went straight to look for people to fix it up. The first shop that daddy went to was located along Jalan Mendaling, which charges RM150.00 for the glass and workmanship for installing it (forget about this shop since the 'old man' wasn't keen in the doing business), then second was under the Kajang-Sungei Chua railway crossing bridge, which which charges RM130.00, third was a glass shop located directly opposite BHP Petrol kiosk which could not determine the price until he see it (by the time this shop called daddy, the glass panel has been fixed), the forth is a shop without name along Jalan Wan Siew (Sungei Chua), which only charges RM100 for the glass and workmanship. As daddy was in the shop, grandpa called and told daddy that there is an extra sliding door kept at the backyard and the glass should fit the broken panel, which it did and the forth shop only charges Rm50.00 for removing the glass from the old sliding door and replacing it into the broken panel.

It took less than 45mins for them (2 person) to replace the broken glass panel. It was a nightmare fr daddy since he was unsure if he could find anyone to replace the glass today.

Lunch : Steam Egg with Brown Rice
Dinner : Fried French Bean and Egg with Brown Rice

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Tuesday 16 December 2008

Auntie Por Or E-Por

I manage to go shopping today! Mommy uni mate, Aunty Por, was in town on an assignment from the Narathiwat City Government to learn about the developments around Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Kedah (Alor Star), which daddy asks mommy what has Genting Highlands got to do with it unless the Thai governmnet is going to allow gambling!, very unlikely so.

Anyway we met up with Aunty Por around 1730hrs at the Putra Mosque before heading to Mid Valley via the Maju Highway (which took only 30mins from the mosque to Mid Valley carpark entrance). We went straight for dinner at Sushi Zanmai since mommy was already hungry and time for me to eat as well, instead daddy went to Borders to buy a book, banned in Thailand, by Paul Handley, The King Never Smile, A Biography of Thailand's Bhumibol Adulyadej. (click here to preview the book, some pages may not be available)

Later we walk around Mid Valley, since Aunty Por already bought 5 pairs of shoe, Aunty Por needed to get something for her boyfriend. We left Mid Valley around 2200hrs since mommy wanted to let Aunty Por try our local roti, Roti Boom and Roti Tisu. Aunty was staying to Radius International Hotel (note that Thai pronounces it as Hotel Lady Oud) along Changkat Raja Chulan, which also had a few restaurant serving roti along Jalan Nagasari. This is my first time trying roti tisu.

Lunch : Fried Vegetable and Pork with Brown Rice
Dinner : Steam Egg with Vegetable with Brown Rice

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Sunday 14 December 2008

Swim and Shop

Finally today I manage to swim, but I got afraid of the water today. Wasn't very keen when I saw the water as daddy walk me to the edge of the pool since mommy went to collect the tower chit. I kept crying everytime mommy tried to let me float alone in the water. I might either be afraid of being drown or it could be cold since I went into the water just after a heavy downpour. Anyway we left after 30mins in the pool for Mid Valley.

I had Seafood Claypot at C Jade Express again, since daddy wanted something chinese today but do not order the roast pork ribs as daddy think it is overpriced for a small plate, mommy also ordered a plate of sweet and sour pork which was very tasty but no more than 10 pieces of pork on the plate, anyway the price was reasonable since it came with a huge bowl of soup and a rice.

After dinner daddy wanted to get a pair of rubber slippers/sandals or loafers, Yogui, by Keen. But after trying it on, it did not feel comfortable so instead mommy got a pair of shoe, Sienna MJ. Mommy says it felt so comfortable that she fell in love with it immediately after putting it on. Daddy think she shoe design is okay and not the wow factor since the rubber sole that protect the toe seems to be glued on but mommy very happy with it. Guess will just have to try a pair and see how long it will last.

Lunch : Steam Egg with Unpolished Steam Rice
Dinner : Claypot Seafood Toufu @ C Jade Express with home cook Unpolised Steam Rice

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What An Outing!

It was suppose to be another swimming day but it started raining when we were about to reach the club. The sky was already getting dark when we left the house with Ser Kai and Auntie Jin but thought the rain could be very local, unfortunately, it turn out to be a thunderstorm when we arrived at the club. Mommy changed me into a normal cloths since I was already in my suit, all ready to jump in.

Since we were not able to swim, mommy suggested to walk around at 1 Utama since we have not been there for quite a while already. We arrived in 1 Utama around 1700hrs and daddy was wondering if there is a Wendy's in 1 Utama, craving for the Chillis. This time we found something very interesting in with a special dedicated F.O.S. for Kids and Teen, with a lot more choice than the normal store. They were carrying brand such as Ralph Lauren, G.A.P, Lewis, Gymboree and many many more for a fraction of the original selling price.

I had Vietnamese for dinner today, anyway, only a few spoons of vermicelli with beef balls. Photos below are the dishes we ordered in Vietnam Kitchen,

(clockwise from top left : stew peanut, seafood salad, vietamese springroll, beef noodle)

We left 1 Utama around 2200hrs after shopping for almost 5 hours. What a crazy day.

Lunch : Stream Egg with Unpolished Rice
Dinner : Steam Egg with Unpolished Rice and Beef Ball Vermicelli @ Vietnam Kitchen

Some photos taken today

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Monday 8 December 2008

Lake Of Walker

I woke up this morning and the first thing I told daddy was, "Papa, Shopping".

So after I had my afternoon nap, mommy changed me and told me wake daddy up for shopping. Since granny had gone out to office so only mommy and daddy went shopping with me. Since we have been going shopping on a weekly basis, daddy had no idea which mall to go anymore, so mommy suggested Mid Valley which we had been going almost every weekend. But this time it was totally different the carpark was almost full with cars parking at illegal bays, even daddy favourite parking area was full at B1. Anyway daddy could still parked at the second favourite spot at B2.

The mall was full of people, it was human traffic jam. So many people all over the place and we had to avoid so we do not knock onto the people coming toward us. Daddy wasn't keen in walking with such crowd so we stayed around Gardens instead since it has less crowd but still quite a lot compare to normal weekends.

For dinner we went to Flying Chillies since it has the lease people, as most of the other restaurant were quite full,

(clockwise Tub Tim Krob, Fried Rice with Crab, Chicken with Basil Leave, Sprout with Salted Fish)
Lunch : Steam Pomfret with Brown Rice
Dinner : Steam Egg with Brown Rice

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