Sunday 14 December 2008

What An Outing!

It was suppose to be another swimming day but it started raining when we were about to reach the club. The sky was already getting dark when we left the house with Ser Kai and Auntie Jin but thought the rain could be very local, unfortunately, it turn out to be a thunderstorm when we arrived at the club. Mommy changed me into a normal cloths since I was already in my suit, all ready to jump in.

Since we were not able to swim, mommy suggested to walk around at 1 Utama since we have not been there for quite a while already. We arrived in 1 Utama around 1700hrs and daddy was wondering if there is a Wendy's in 1 Utama, craving for the Chillis. This time we found something very interesting in with a special dedicated F.O.S. for Kids and Teen, with a lot more choice than the normal store. They were carrying brand such as Ralph Lauren, G.A.P, Lewis, Gymboree and many many more for a fraction of the original selling price.

I had Vietnamese for dinner today, anyway, only a few spoons of vermicelli with beef balls. Photos below are the dishes we ordered in Vietnam Kitchen,

(clockwise from top left : stew peanut, seafood salad, vietamese springroll, beef noodle)

We left 1 Utama around 2200hrs after shopping for almost 5 hours. What a crazy day.

Lunch : Stream Egg with Unpolished Rice
Dinner : Steam Egg with Unpolished Rice and Beef Ball Vermicelli @ Vietnam Kitchen

Some photos taken today

Click here for more photos in slideshow. what happen

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