Sunday 7 December 2008

Malacca Here I Come

Malacca was added to the World Heritage Site List together with Penang Island as a join heritage historic city on 7 July (2008) this year. A couple of years back when daddy was visiting Colonia, another world heritage in Uruguay, the owner of the guesthouse did not know were Malaysia, Singapore and even Thailand is but has heard of Malacca! Quite amazing right. Anyway this trip to Malacca is to visit the famous Melaka Zoo, it has a good mix of animal but do not have an aquarium. I think the best feature in the zoo are the big cat cages with Panther, Leopard, Tiger and a pair of Lions. Another feature which I missed would be the safari boardwalk. Overall daddy would rate this zoo, 6 out of 10 but mommy will only award it 4 out of 10.

After visiting the zoo, daddy drove into the town but the traffic was so bad that daddy had to detour using the Bukit Cina joining the traffic heading into Jonker Street. Daddy called Uncle Khee Wai to asked where would be the best place to park around Jonker Street since the traffic was so bad around Jonker Street. All the restaurant along Jonker Street was full with people lining up to get a place to sit, even Daddy's favourite cendol stall was full of people. It was definitely daddy's worst trip to Malacca, did not manage to have this Chicken Rice Ball, Cendol and the actual Satay Celup stall (along Jalan Ong Kim Wee).

We arrived back home around 1930hrs after getting stuck around Malacca road since the signages told daddy to follow a different route. The road signs in Malacca need lots of improvement for tourist like daddy.

A little suggestions from Daddy in making Malacca a more interesting place,
1) Stop vehicles from driving into the World Heritage Area.
2) Resurface the roads with pebbles
3) Set up stalls along the area.
4) Police or enforcement back-up dress in 1600 uniform.
(a link to another old portuguese town with World Heritage Status since 1995)

Lunch : Stream Vegetable Egg with Unpolish Rice
Dinner : Satay Celup @ Zao Jiuu (better celup restaurant is next to this, open at 1700hrs)

Some photos taken today,

Click here for more photos in slideshow.

Today's Movie - Transiberian

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